The Photograph.


I have been talking pictures all my life. My latest gig is for the local MLS. Thats multi listing service if you would like to know. Not much art in talking pictures of houses for Real Estate agents. But I must say I can make an old rundown place look pretty darn good! I was shooting a house on Sagecrest drive. There was nothing out of the ordinary about the outside of the house. Two story with a front balcony. Garage, front yard. A nice looking place. I took a few shots from the front and sides. I had the Realtor let me inside. They have to be there with me. It the rules. This time the Agent I was shooting for opened the door and told me to go ahead. This is not the first time I have had an agent ask me to do this. So I thought nothing of it. The lights had been turned off, and the place had that unlived in look. I was shooting digital today so we could decide on the spot what I would be up loading. I took my shots and went out to the agent. As we were looking we both noticed something odd. All of the interior shots had bubble like orbs. They were never in the same place twice so it could not be the lens. None of the exterior shots had spots. Only from inside the house. The agent shook their head. “I was afraid of this. I was told this house is haunted. Guess it is.” I went back in and took more shots. The same thing happened. They were so beautiful! That's the day I learned about spirit photography. I now only shoot haunted houses. It gave me a new life in art.