The Looking Glass.



This phrase can bring up memories from the Lewis Carroll classic. Perhaps it will remind you of the wonderful nightmare created by John Carpenter in his work, “The Prince Of Darkness” That one gave me nightmares! No matter how good a book or film is it can not compare with reality. Nothing like what happened last night. It's late. Almost 11:00 pm. I am sitting at my computer checking my email. My 10 year old son comes running in, he's scared, crying and calling my name. As he runs in a wave of icy air engulfs the room with me in it. I grab and hug him asking what had happened. Through the tears he begins to tell me. As he does the hair on my arms begins to stand up, and a felling of electricity dances across my skin. “I was just in the bathroom. I had the door shut. When I heard someone from inside of the mirror on the back of the door. He was calling my name and telling me to come into the mirror. He said, Everything will be better inside here.” He said the voice was powerful. He found himself stunned and leaning forward with the intent of doing what he voice said. He said he snapped out of it and ran to me. Poor little guy. From the feeling I was having and the convection in his voice, I knew it was not a dream or anything he could be making up. I myself have seen things inside a mirror that can not be explained. My own reflection yes, but seeing it's motion with a slight delay? Other times a reflection that is not mine. As for the mirror that called to my son. Today it rests in the garbage.