The Bended Knee.




There is to be a scene in the square today. The King's men will drag three people from the castle keep. Their crime, treason. They are to be publicly executed in some new horrible way. A pit was dug in the middle of the town square. Barrels of what I do not know have been placed next to this shallow pit of but 2 cubits. All the people of our village are hereby ordered to attend and watch the penalty. The town crier has said this a royal decree! Ours is a small village, so far from the New King and his new kingdom. We are of little or no importance. We are a simple village. We can hardly pay the new tax the King has decreed upon all his kingdom. What little we can grow we give in tax. We want to live our lives in peace. The treason that the three people have been accused, tried and convected of is not worshiping the King. Kings law is we must all bend our knee and worship him once a week. The king has said, “Jesus the son of the one and only God in heaven, sentences all that do not worship him to burn in eternal fire. I except no less from you. You must bend your knee or face the fire.” At high sun we gathered. The three were cast into the pit. Oil from the barrels poured in. A flaming torch was thrown. Screaming they burned alive. I will bend my knee if it makes this King happy. I don't want to die. There is no choice with this King. Just as there is no choice with his God. Pain and death are not a choice, and no way to rule over a people.