The Accident.


It's funny how one event can change you life so fast. In that one moment I both lived and died.

Highway 14 3:00am. The road is dark and deserted. I'm going way too fast for this moonless night. It's cold outside too cold. I see headlights coming my way far off in the distance. I don't think much about it. I often drive alone late at night, clears my head. As the lights approach ever faster. I wonder what it would be like to cross over into their lane at the last moment and in that one transcendent moment as we merge in a violent and horrific rending of metal, flesh, blood and bone. Could I know all the answers to all the questions. As I pass from this life to the next what would I see? What new experience could I share with the infinite. I think to myself why not? What do I have in this lonely plane of existence. One so depraved as to cast me in a role of both king and jester. In anticipation I press my foot with ever increasing pressure upon the instrument of my inevitable enlightenment. There is a rush of energy from the engine so willing to accompany me into oblivion. This is a sign, an encouragement from the vast and yet unknown to join in the cosmic dance of souls. A sense of placid tranquility engulfs me. The die is cast, the time is now. Up ahead my unaware instrument of salvation rushes towards a fate they have no comprehension of. A brilliant flash of light ahead and then a flicker of fire. I approach with trepidation. A crash has taken my destiny from me. I body lies chard, broken. My life returns. Another taken buy the infinite.