Sunlight and Moon.

The sunlight returned to this part of the the country in the last weeks of April. It was long overdue. The rain has been persistent and days have been dark and cold and the sky without remorse has pelted the earth. My resultant mood has been lower than normal. This is the first time in my life I have found myself being affected so deleteriously by the lack of the source of all life on this planet. Being raised and living all but the last eight years of my life in the warm sun of Southern California, it never occurred this could even be possible. Yet here I am, suffering from the gloom of what is the seemingly unstoppable winter precipitation.
The Sun, bright and warm came back to remind me that the oppression of the rain and cold and days without Sun are now, at least for now fading as rapidly as a dream. The Sun and warmth it gives is what I have been missing all winter long.
It's not just the Sun that has been missing for my life. The wonder that can be found in the twinkling and brilliant night sky. Stars in their fixed position and planets wandering across the inky blackness of that night sky.
I would be remiss if I did not mention the word “planet” is from the Greek meaning wanderer and that they do.
Regardless of the etiology of word it can not compare to the awe and wonder that it inspires within me. The moon so bright and beautiful and alluring, in all it's splendor greeting me as an old and dear friend would after a prolonged absence. The light from the moon inspiring all that gaze upon the fullness of it's luminosity, a very good night.