On The Beach.



It wasn't to long ago I walked the beaches of my childhood and the place to this day, I call home.

The sun on my shoulders. The heat of the sand, so warm on my feet.

All seamed so right for a short time.

I have always loved the beaches of Southern California.

My first memories were of the beach in Laguna. I was no more than 3 and I remember it as if it were only yesterday.

The sun, sand and boardwalk, back when there was a real wooden boardwalk.

I even remember meeting the old guy that would stand out on the street and wave. He was just a nice old man. The greater he was called. He had a smile and a handshake for everyone.

I have spent so many years there. Playing in the sand, making castles, playing Frisbee and volleyball. Body surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing. Playing the days away.

Now all is cold and damp.

The beaches in Washington state are nothing like home. They seem so very different. Barren and cold. Not just the temperatures, but the “feeling” The latter description is much harder to define. Sufficed to say it's not home to me. It never will be.

I have been ever so home sick for the warmth of the sand on the beaches.

For me the beaches of my home are Huntington, Newport, Balboa, Corona, Crystal cove, Laguna, Aliso and Doheny.

I know their sands and the pull of their currents.

With sunsets so beautiful they have inspired writers, film makers, musicians and everyone else that has ever seen them through the great number of years.

My home calls to me. The beach sands. Crashing of the waves on shore. Walking hand in hand with someone you love.