The thought of legacy came up in conversation the other day.

This got me thinking. What is a legacy anyway?

I would have to say that everyone I know wants to be remembered for something in the future.

I know a lot of people that say a legacy is having children. Lets look at that. I would have to say it's not a guaranty of being remembered for any more than one generation.

Don't think I'm right? Ask your self this one question. Tell me what you great grandmother was like? With few exceptions I'll bet you can't even tell me what her maiden name was.

You might know what her first name was. You might not know where they are buried.

Could you tell me about anything she did in her life other than having your grandmother or grandfather? If your answer is no, you just affirmed my hypothesis.

After you're gone not even your great grand children will know who you were.

There are of course exceptions to this.

People with a great deal of money will have a record of who they were and how they came to have that money.

I know there are certain religions that want you to know who your ancestors were.

There are even web sites dedicated to helping you find out where you came from, for a few of course.

I think legacy is something different.

As a writer I try and tell the world what I see, how I feel about it. I think Painters, sculptors, actors, musicians, craftsman of great design and invention and of course writers have a better shot at being remembered in the future. I've never been a father so my legacy must be the writings I leave behind. Perhaps this writing will be mine.