Ghost Town

Posted by admin on March 24, 2016

Ghost Town.


Ghost Town, strange name for a town. When I moved here for a new job, I only thought it was a resurrected ghost town. It was only after I rented an old house I learned the truth in the name.

It was late one night, I had to fill in on the late shift at the station. I had crawled into bed and was watching Letterman. This was the first night I wasn't sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bad. I got my furniture and was enjoying it immensely. I said to hell with TV. I needed the sleep. I flipped off the box and was down for the count. I had not been asleep for more than 20 minutes. I heard a clock chiming. Odd I don't have a clock that chimes. I sat up in bed the digital that sat on the night stand said midnight. At first I thought I must have been dreaming. I thought that until I saw a woman walk into my bedroom. She walked through the door. I mean she walked through a closed door! I had a glass of water next to the bed. I splashed it on my face. The woman turned to me. Seeing the water running down my face she started to laugh. I could see right through her, really. Her clothes were what looked like mid 1850s. Not knowing what I should do next I said, ???For a ghost, you look hot!??? She smiled at me. Her clothes vanished and she got into bed with me. This was my first introduction to the town. I found out that night why they call it Ghost Town Arizona. She told me 50% of the Town are ghosts. Every house has one. I'm glad mines hot and accommodating.