An Observation



I read, the news today, oh boy. Another one bites the dust!

I wish I could be a jovial as the start of this piece. No this is not a happy thing. I learned today that the J.C. Penny will be closing it's doors in August. Yet another nail in the coffin of this once bright town. This is just another closing that might have been avoided.

Blame is something I don't like. It implies a certain lack of planing and thought. However I have to ask this question. Could it have been avoided with just a little proper guidance?

The people running this town, or should I say lack there of, seam to have all gone to sleep.

The downtown is in decay and nothing is being done about it. It appears the town would rather let something rot and fall down, or go up in flames, rather than attempt to help get it repaired.

Bulldoze it down? Not cheap either, the attitude of, Let someone come in a do something with it.

This is short sighted. If you let things fall apart people wont want to come and build!


Lets jump to the other side of the world. A once giant sand box. Nothing was there but sand. A crazy bunch of people said lets build a ultra modern city, make it a play ground, and hub for business. Sure they spent tuns of money. They even built a harbor that that looks like a palm tree.

The city I refer to is Dubai.

I am not saying we should, or even could, do something that crazy. But we should do something!

Yes the fishing and lumber is all but gone. Cry if you must. But it's time to move on!

Look for the next big thing. You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain!

It's time to start renovating, not bulldozing. Thinking of the future, and stop dwelling on the past.

Change is the hardest thing to do. Especially if you don't even want to try.