The Muse.


I have a demanding mistress.

I never know when she will come calling.

Her mood is fickle and temper wicked.

My seductive temptress does more than just cajole me.

She is not the type to sweetly whisper in my ear.

The power she wheedles is not a gentle one.

Rather she jumps me from behind and wraps me up with all she has.

Noncompliance with her affections risk her rapid departure.

The longing and emptiness without her...

My desperate and immense desire for her.

She leaves me exhausted and spent in every way.

The remarkable issuance from our fervid union compels me to seek her evermore.

When she is with me the world is right.

Without her it's an empty sheet of paper, screaming to take life.

Her magic is legend, and my need is great.

When she arrives it's all consuming, and one hell of a phenomenal ride.