I was talking to a fellow writer the other day. We got on the subject of how I write.

This is what I told him.

In a full sized novel like, The Evil In The Dark. I used a lot of foreshadowing.
An accident happened on "Red Cap" road. It happened in late autumn. Things that might not registrar with everyone.
The use of the words themselves, mundane if read buy themselves, when placed into a story they can add up to a lot.
Even the weather can mean something.
Example; "It was a warm and sunny day. On this stretch of road the trees hid all but the brightest rays of light, creating strange shadows and concealing the hairpin turn in the road."
Without the reference of the weather it would just be another turn in the road. It's the little things that can set the tone of the work.

In one story I wrote an attack on a woman. I went into great detail of the brutality. The knife cutting her mouth and breast. described the blood and so on. I then said "He then raped me." I said nothing else. I let the graphic detail of the knife and beating be so horrific, that when I give so little information on the rape the reader is forced to fill in the worst possible details themselves.

A word on structure. This is a pet peeve of mine.

Everything I put into the story, no matter how small, has to mean something somewhere in the story.
You put it in. use it. If not, get rid of it.

A bit on fun. Yes I said fun in horror. Humor is a good way to defuse almost killing someone off. "WOW! That could have been worse than eating the food in grade school."

Another bit of fun. In the story if someone has gone out to a restaurant and they are having a good time. Use someplace you have been and like.
In writing terms they are called Easter eggs. Same with names. I use people I know, sometimes the first names of rock stars or songs. Things like that.

I always listen to music as I type. I sometimes put the title of a song in as dialog. In a time travel segment I had one woman say to my protagonist about her future daughter and his future wife, "Oh what a sweet child of mine that hath such a love for you! Reference: Guns and roses! song, "Sweet child of mine." sometimes I make it a game. I have X number in each chapter. It keeps the writing from becoming to much like work!

Take a lesson from the best.
As an Homage to Hemingway when talking about food I will go into detail.

Hemingway once said it's the little thing like food that people gloss over without really talking about it. So I do! He also used ???and ??? instead of a comma. I put a few of those in as well.

How I get the ideas for my stories.
I write from a point of nightmares and dreams some scare the shit out of me, other make me laugh. Like, "The Diving Board" I awoke way to early one morning and had a crazy idea about filming people killing them selves by diving off a building onto the street below. There are a lot of sick fucks out there. It could make a fortune on pay per view! So I started the story with, "I woke up way to early one morning..." My work is very organic that way. I never really know how things are going to turn out. Or if I do have an ending in mind. I might not know how it will get there. I just enjoy the ride, most of the time. I'm not a roll model for a lot of writers in that respect.

This is a little bit about what "I" do, not what you should do. Not unless some of it resonated within you. Then by all means use it!

I know some of what I have said you probably already know.

You can always talk to me.

BTW. "Talk to me" by Stevie Nicks was playing. I just had to use it.
But you really can talk to me!


All the references I gave here can be found in the books.

The Evil In The Dark

Garden Of Shadows

I have also referenced a few things in my books still in edit.


Working title.

The Blood Spot.

The Blood Spot 2, The Hunt Is On.

Letter with a friend

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