Home Town Girl.



I saw a face today. A woman I once knew. The memories took me back. Not to when we met.

Rather back further, all the way back to the town that the both of us grew up in.

I really must thank her for this trip.

Perhaps, one day, I will get the chance to do so in person.

For now I will have to settle for a acknowledgement within this writing.


The old home town. You know every street. The memories that live there.

Not just in our head, but in the people you know.

Friends we had, no longer in our lives.

You meet someone from your home town. There is a bond, even if it is unspoken and unacknowledged.

You know the same places, the same schools, parks and hangouts.

All the places you used to go, like a familiar friend.

Where is that place we call home and what brings it back for us?

The times of our lives both good and bad.

Those memories are all still there waiting.

A new friend and old memories. A place to start, and a place to remember.

The new times you can have. The different points of view to share.

I no longer live in that town. It seems like a different life.

Will this be a place to start or a place to end.

The hopes for the future will someday become the memories of our past.

May they come to fruition in a manner that conforms with our dreams.


My thanks to you L.H.

I sometimes still think of “What if?”