The Wandering Cat.

Chapter 1.

    As a traveler of time, space and dimension, I have seen many a strange thing. The people, the corporeal life forms, can be so different from one universal dimension to another. But one thing I have seen does not change, one thing that has been the same from place to place and in every time. I have seen the same cat in every place. I know it to be the same one. She finds me wherever I go. She has short black fur, golden eyes, and a personality I can't forget. I know some of you think cats are all the same, but trust me, this one is different. The way she moves, meows at me. It's as if she knows me, everywhere I go, she visits, and her appearances are coming in greater frequency.

    I saw her again today.


    I am in a little place, a meeting house where this species of humanoid gathers in a casual social setting. While watching a group of people, there is a man waiting for his friends to return from a place people used to use as an embarkation and destination for old-fashioned air travel. I am not and am never seen by the people I watch. That's one of the rules to my form of information gathering. I am a historian. However, on this trip, I am just gathering information on how people lived their lives on this string and in this time. As I travel, I am never quite in that reality; I'm just out of time sync. This allows me to observe in a surreptitious manner. I can never take the chance of changing things. The natural order must be protected. That's one law all of my kind must follow to the letter.

    As I sat and watched the scene unfold, this black cat comes out of a crack in the wall. It's as if she came out of nowhere. She jumps right into my lap just as she has done a hundred times before. Of course, I have reported this to the time league. They have never heard or seen such a thing before and have had me checked for time overlap psychosis. So far, I have always checked out clean. Here she was, purring and sitting in my lap. I stroke her fur. She looks up at me this time as if she wants something from me. At once, I know her name. I know what she wants as well. She has been following me, tracking me. Across the multiverse, she has been there watching me. She is not lost. Rather, she has decided I need to see things from her point of view. I engage the controls that move me through time and space. For some reason, she stays with me. However, I am not where I have set as my destination. She tells me I will not be seeing home any time soon. She looks at me with those golden eyes. In that moment, I receive a thought from her. She tells me that we have work to do. It's time I started to interact with the worlds I visit. Not in a profound way. Rather, in a way that will start opening their minds to a greater reality. In fact, together, we are to plant the seeds for reunification of the multiverse back into a single universe. I shake my head. I can't believe what she has just told me. I ask myself if I have cracked. She bumps her head into my hand.

    I get an assuasive feeling. This is no dream or psychotic episode. She has chosen me out of all my kind. Again, I set my controls and engage a jump. Her eyes flash with an anger I am not accustomed to. She opens her mouth and hisses at me. One more time, I get a flash thought from her. She says she will not put up with my disrespect and disbelief. With a shudder of her body, we jump. All the indicators I have go blank. The world around me goes black. The only light I can see is the glow from her golden eyes. Another thought comes across. She tells me she is in full control. We will not return to anywhere I know without my complete compliance with her wishes. Seeing such a display of power, I realize I am in the presence of a God being. I have heard the legends of such a being in many worlds and in many universes. This is the first time I can say I have ever met one. I nod my head in resignation and understanding of the incredible power my companion possesses. I have been called for a task that could take the rest of my life. At my thought of this, I hear a laughter inside my head. And one word. The word I hear as clear as if it were spoken. It was simply, “Good” with another shudder, the universe returned to my sight. I could now see a thousand different universes in front of me. With a blink of an eye from my cat, we begin to rush towards one of them.

    This journey has just begun.


Chapter 2.

    All of time and space are rushing past me now. My head swims with the infinite possibilities. I have to close my eyes. It is all too much for my little brain. Little in comparison to my companion's, that is. I have never been in such close proximity to a vastly superior being. In my time and place, and in the universe that I reside in, my kind are felt to be the highest order. Of the millions of races we have encountered, we are clearly the most advanced. This thought gives me time to pause and consider what I have been tasked to learn and been asked to do. I hear the same laughter in my head as before. I know it is the cat listening to my thoughts. The name she gives is Willow. I know this is not her real or complete name. This is just what she wants me to call her. I, of course, will comply with her wishes. I try to gather my thoughts and ask a question of my, what to call her? She reminds me to just call her Willow. I can now feel her inside my head. She is looking for something. I try to ask but before I can even form a word, it happens. The cat that was sitting in my lap is now just a small cloud of highly charged and dense fog. In an instant, it expands and takes the form of a tall woman with long black hair and green eyes. This new form is a shock to my senses. She turns and looks at me. 

    “I have chosen this form to make you feel more comfortable. I can take any form I choose.” As she says this, the human form blinks into a Udarin. This race is from the legend of the planet I was raised on. They are unique in the fact that they have 4 arms, 3 eyes, and have both lungs and gills. Not to mention, they are hermaphroditic. On my planet, their legend states that they traveled the stars and helped bring order to fledgling worlds. However, no physical trace or archaeological remnant of evidence has ever been discovered to support this theory, only stories handed down from earlier times. Another flash and, once again, a cat now sits my lap. Just as before, the voice in my head answers the question I was thinking before I have a chance to even finish composing it in my head.

     “Yes, I can physically change. That was not just a projection in your mind.” I find myself standing in a field under a large weeping willow. The tree is far larger than any I have ever seen. A gentle warm breeze wafts through the limbs of the tree that seems to reach into the sky of the deepest azure. A tall woman with reddish blond hair emerges from the massive tree. The feathers she wears are from every visible color in the spectrum, and I had the feeling the colors went both higher and lower in that spectrum than my eyes could detect. With a smile on her face, she said to me,

    “This is a vision I have placed in your mind. Here, I can do anything, become anything, and control everything. Do you understand why I have shown you this?” I think for a moment. Her eyes flash a laugh. Without her help, I come to the conclusion. This time, I am allowed to say it out loud.

     “In the physical realm, you can shape shift into anything you like. In the realm of pure thought, you can control space, time, and create a reality as you need it. But it's more than that. The realm of thought is as real as the physical realm. Everything that happens there, here will have real repercussions everywhere else and in every realm as well.” With a flash, the black haired woman returned in front of me, the field and tree now gone. She smiles,

    “I have chosen the right person to help with the universal reintegration. Now, you must learn why it is so important for us to plant the seeds of the multiverse and the coming reunification thereof.” She places her hands on my temples. A surge of energy crashes into me. I feel as if my head is about to explode from the new volume. She stops. At once, I feel empty. All the thoughts and knowledge that once filled my head with wonder now felt as if they were nothing more than just a child's whimsy. She apologizes to me.

    “I had to expand your mind before I can implant the vast knowledge you must have to truly comprehend the responsibility you have been chosen for. For now, you must rest. Your mind must adjust to its new size. You will feel ever so small for a while. This is normal. Rest now.” In a blink of an eye, I am standing in the field of tall grass with the weeping willow tree at my side. The black haired woman is there with me. Willow put her hand on my shoulder.

    "This is a real place, this time. It's on a planet in a distant region of your Galaxy. Here, you can rest and prepare for the implantation. There will also be physical changes that will need to happen. Your body will grow overall by seventeen percent. This is needed for the increased brain mass and function you will gain. Can't have you looking too strange to all the races you will come in contact with, can we?” In my feeling of drowning in the vastness of my own mind, I understand what she means. She lays down under the tree and motions for me to do the same. She takes my hand and reassures me that I will not die. She must be in my head. Although in the new vastness that is the landscape of my mind, I can not feel her presences. As she has asked, I lay down next to her and close my eyes. The world is spinning, or is it just me? I take a few deep breaths and try to relax. I drift off into the vast and empty ocean that is now my expanded mind. It feels as if I am set adrift in all this. I hear a voice echoing from the void,

    “This is but the first step to a much larger reality.” I try to hang on to those words. With the knowledge that I have a guide and not just a master in Willow, I let myself drift. I have to have faith in her now, and that she will not let me lose myself within all the emptiness of a much greater mind, one that aches for knowledge yet unknown.


Chapter 3

I drift for what feels like days. As I do, I am aware of a presence that has never left me. I know without knowing, this is Willow. This connection is the only thing that keeps me from dissipating into the vast void of thought that engulfs me. The concept of time is slowly becoming a thing of the past. I can feel all of time as one thing, one instantaneous flash, the beginning and the end. Until now, I never would have understood that time is not infinite. There is a finite cycle: birth, life, and death, only to be followed by rebirth. This should have been a lot to comprehend. However, in this state of flux, it all seems so simple. 

   In an instant, I feel a pull. That pull becomes a rush, followed by pain and a blinding light. One thought fills my fragile mind: this is my birth. Or should I say, this is my rebirth to a much greater and vast multiverse. The light fades, and the pain subsides. I find myself standing naked on the beach of the ocean that is now my mind. For a moment, I stand there and look at my hands; they are now different. I now have six fingers on each hand. The joints have become reversible. My fingers can bend and curl forwards and backwards with full control. I can even split the grip, fifty-fifty. As I stand in amazement of what I have become, I hear a rushing of water. A wave bigger than I have ever encountered is now charging at me. An instinctive thought from my amygdalae says to run. My higher function quickly reminds me that there is no place to run. This is all a visual representation of something occurring in my newly expanded brain. As this new understanding shoots through at the speed of thought, I hear Willow laughing. The feeling I receive from her is one of elation at my new comprehension. She next says to relax. At once, my mind falls to rest. As the wave engulfs me, I do not fear. I experience a pouring in, if you will allow me this simplistic term, of the partial sum knowledge of the universe, as it is known to Willow. I am humbled by this. I feel like a child growing up in the blink of an eye, learning all that was new to me and all that was different than I thought I knew. It was more than just information in the truth about the multiverse, who were the architects, and why a single, unified universe had been split into an ever-expanding number of divergent realities. It is more of how this one act is now colliding into a disaster that could, if not stopped, and would rip every universe to fragments. This disassociation would cause time itself to unravel into a haphazard jumble of unrelated events happening out of sequence. I now understand the importance of and what an awesome responsibility has been bestowed to me and others like me. In this thought, I realize I am not to be alone in this journey. Willow is not only my guide, but others, as well. I also understand the pressing need for greater numbers of reintegration architects. In that moment, I now understand Willow. She is one of the original architects. She was not, however, alone in this. There was a race of super beings, far older than time itself: the first, the ones that created all of this sub-universe and all its fragmentation. I feel the sorrow within this mind that is still so vastly superior to me, to what I now possess. It is still just a minute fraction of knowledge and power that she possesses. Standing anew as I am now, vastly superior to what I was, I am still nothing more than a clumsy child in comparison to Willow.


Chapter 4.

    I take this is in stride, and with a greater and profound reverence for my companion. She becomes a black cat once again. I understand now that this is her preferred incognito persona. It allows her a certain amount of anonymity that is crucial in our work. The multiverse is collapsing. I can see this now. All the things I thought were just something odd about the life I had, the reasons I had been checked out so often by the council medical and physiological division was just a way for them to hide the evidence of this very collapse. They know, and they never alluded to the truth! With this vast, new knowledge now implanted and the truth revealed, I understand the confounding minutia I had experienced. We must prepare the multiverse for its inevitable and seamless recombination. Nothing will be lost in this reunification. Indeed, everyone will be so much stronger and have a greater understanding of the one universe, the one universe they and I shall live in. All the feelings of separation will be gone. In a very real way, we will all be whole once again. This is how I now feel. Willow did not tell me this at first, but I have been reintegrated. It was necessary for my travels into each new “Verse.” I must possess a part of that verse in order to maintain physical integrity within said verse. As a consequence of this, I am no longer in all verses at once. My essence from all verses are now in one vessel, one mind, and one body. Willow is not subject to corporeal constants. She is pure energy. Without form or gender, she only takes form when needed. I now also know that she, for lack of better terms, is in all verses at once, whole and not. Even in my enhanced abilities I find this hard to understand. I now understand the concept of a God. This last realization is no more accurate than the analogous looking at the nucleus of an atom and understanding how a simple clock works.

The Wandering Cat

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