After the rapture.


Its been a month since the departure of almost 1 billion christians from the planet. None of the gloom and doom that was supposed to happen did. One day I woke up and they were gone. No muss no fuss. Not even the roads showed any sign of abandoned cars. Nothing crashed. No earthquakes cataclysmic storms or plagues to signal the departure. Just the sound of birds chirping. The Apocalypse that was to follow was just a sad story. Every country in the world said the same thing. The only thing different was the peace that followed. The rest of man kind saw this event as a new beginning.

Now we could build a world free from crippling restrictions that hurt more than it ever really helped.


The christions? Well the aliens that had posed as their God took them all. This alien group reported after the fact, to those that had learned to think for themselves, that the followers were to be slave labor. Building roads paved with gold and creating the city of Heaven. The ship blocked out the moon. I hope they all got what they were looking for.

As for me? I'm watching a beautiful sunset. Ice tea in hand and a steak on the BBQ.