Writing with Dyslexia.


I am sick and tired of hearing that I have misspelled a word. I know people out there that never misspell anything and they make it their job to point out every mistake.

What they don't know or care about is why it's happening. They just point it out and gripe at me.


I have Dyslexia and not just a little. I was diagnosed way back in kindergarten. Buy the way there is no cure, just ways to work around it.

I have had to deal with it in school after school. I fight with it on a day to day basis. I wont let it hold me back.

If you don't know what Dyslexia is I encourage you to look it up. It is a very real. For me it takes this form. I can't spell worth a damn, (yes I had to look up damn for the proper usage)


In my head the letters jumble. I have to rely on a spell checker for words with more than 5 letters. But not all the time. Having Dyslexia is seen as being stupid by some, ???You can't even spell??? To this I say FUCK YOU! These people have no idea just how hard it is for me.

In their spelling superiority they feel justified in putting me down.

Let me give you and example. While typing as I am doing now. I say every letter as I type the word. Yes every letter in every word.

I find myself using less complex words because I can't spell them. This make me fell like shit. I have a vast vocabulary. I have the hardest time writing it. I have found that I can use a lesser word, then use the thesauruses to find the word I have tried in vain to spell. Have you ever spelled the word tac, Cat for those without Dyslexia.

Sometimes I spell words like sing when I want sign. A spell checker wont find it. In my head the letters reverse and I can't see it. Do you get the idea! Can you take a hint. Spelling is not the be all to end all as a measure of intelligence.


I have a friend. He has spent a great deal of time trying to help me with writing. He does not have Dyslexia. If fact he has 2 Phd. One in journalism, one in law and I have no idea how many ???lesser??? degrees he has. He understands and never judges me. He sometime edits for me. Thank you Harv Pulford Phd. My current editor does the same thing for me. Fixes the spelling when I can't see it.


My real point to this? I know I can't spell for shit. I do the best I can. If I wanted to make spelling perfect all the time, I would never get anything done. I can't tell you how little this means in the writing community. Thats why we have editors. It's the creation of the story that is important. As I said I do my best. For some it's not good enough.


For those of you that think spelling is everything. Do me a favor. Have a little compassion and help. Don't fucking gripe at me. I have put up with that for to long. Your constant belittling me is as stupid as saying ???stop being gay??? There is nothing wrong with anyone who is homosexual, it's just the way they are.

I am Dyslexic.