The Working Poor.


I have been in a real funk for three days now. This is nothing new for me. I am still trying to come to grips with the accident that all most took my ability to walk. Let alone do just about every other thing I used to love doing. You know, little things like walking without a crazy amount of pain. Oh don't get me wrong. I still walk! it just hurts like a bitch and that's just around the house.

I must admit I do feel sorry for my self from time to time. Hey, lets be real, watching someone walking, running, playing, remembering what that feels like. These are things I no longer have the option of doing without a shit load of pain, if I could do it at all.


This brings me to title of this piece. There are several factors of my being to broke to pay attention. Here they are; my lack of ability do do just about everything, this includes walking, sitting and standing for a very long. And I hate to say this, but my age is also ageist me. I'm 54. It should not make a difference but we all know it does.


So what am I left with? Let me tell you. I am on L&I for now. I wish I could say this is enough to live on, it's not. I had to rent out part of my home just so I could eat.


Some facts for your consideration, according to the United States Government as of 2013 the poverty level for a single individual is $11,490.00 really? Are they crazy. Thats $957.50 a month! Really?? Could you live on that? Think about this you have to pay rent / mortgage not to mention all, the other stuff you have to pay every month just to live somewhere.

I'm forced to live on whats left! Just do the math on that for your self.

I had to give up a few things, like eating better than out of a can or box. Fresh vegetables? I try and get that at least once a month. In all humility I must admit I have had to go to a food bank from time to time.

I also try and not get anything GMO but thats another rant.


The dollar guide lines for health care say something very different.

That number is just a bit higher it's $45,960.00 I get 1,100 a month and no health care.

I am a member of the (not) working very poor. Barely making ends meet. I am not alone in this.

The federal numbers are so scary as to make me wonder why. A little over half of all Americans are in the same boat. That's over 158 million people.


For a country that boasts about being the best in the world I have to wonder who they are trying to convince. You can't polish a turd for very long before people find out it's a turd.

This countries population is in real need. For most of the country the American dream is now just putting food on the table and having some kind of roof over you head and or keeping it there.

A question must be asked. What can be done?

I don't have an answer for that one.


I know what we don't need. Plutocracy and plutocrats.

The Working Poor

Posted by admin on September 10, 2013