What happened to creativity.


I am a writer. I write what my heart tells me to. I write what I love and what I would like to read. I know now I will never be a commercial success. At least I doubt it.


On an almost daily basis I receive in my not so junk email, adds that are telling me how to write a hit novel. I never really look at them. They do not really pertain to me. I have always felt that as an artiest and writer you must go with what feels right. Not just produce something that will sell big.

Today I read what a few publishers are looking for. The predominant subject is romance. Historic, fantasy, modern and, get this horror. Really? horror romance?

I understand publishing is a business. Look at what it has become. It's all about marketing and what they think will sell. Who cares what kind of shit it really is. As long as they can see big dollars from it.

What other types of stuff sells? Young adult. That's right 18-25. I read today what they are looking for. Young people dealing with leaving the house, going to school, getting married, going to church and church life, young politics and enlisting in the military. If you can throw in romance and gay sex so much the better. This is nothing more than formula based writing. Follow the formula and you will probably get a book deal on the first try.


I do not, and will not, write to a formula. I will not be a cog in the machine.

To put such constants as to what you should be writing is crazy! And it makes me crazy! It should make you crazy as well!


The reality of all of this is your choice is being taken away. Not by a government or idealogical reason. Rather your are being controlled for corporate profit.

Since the invention of TV. The shows have taken up this idea as well. Crime and police, fire and Dr. shows abound. Nonsensical comedy are rapidly following suite with the formula.


We no longer burn books, at least not in the USA, not yet anyway. No, we have an easer, less destructive way. We just don't market anything we don't think will make the most money!

The real bottom line is this;

Your choice is now down to what you are told is popular, and trending!

Be the sheep and follow the heard.


what has happened to creativity

Posted by admin on February 09, 2015