I wish that everyone one in the USA was made to watch this clip.


This is the opening seen of the opening show call Broadcast news. (HBO) The statements made within are true. As far as the fact and figures that is. I will spare you the citations I looked up. After all this is not a class paper.


In the opening salvo. A lot of things are said about the USA. They are true. Things that as a country we need to hear and work on. More than that understand really understand what is being said.

The false bravado, chest pounding, and people waving their guns in the air saying we have freedom.

This is not freedom. What is stated is just the tip of the iceberg.

The rich get richer buy moving jobs to other countries, paying off politicians, yes I sad pay them off. In the form of huge campaign contributions. Creating groups like ???Citizens United??? This is nothing more than a slush fund for millionaires and billionaires to help them get their way all over this country.

Wake up America, it's working and they are winning. Shipping job overseas, incorporating in other countries to avoid paying tax in America.

The bottom line is all that matters to them. Greed has now replaced honor and doing what's right in this country. If we ever really had it.

After all it was founded by rich men that did not want to pay taxes. Remember the reason for the Boston tea party? They did nod not want to pay English taxation.

What is our Government doing. Well...

Instead of teaching and encouraging people to become better educated, more artistic, our Government. They have let the cost of an education skyrocket. So high that a person graduating with a simple bachelors degree might not be able to pay it off in 30 years.

No instead we have been spying. Spying on ourselves. For decades! They say it's for our safety. Starting wars that make the military industrial complex richer that God! All the while asking us tax payers to foot the bill. And for what?

Anther question. Why do we spend billions to read every email, listen to every phone call, track every purchase you make with a credit or debit card, watch your every move on the internet? There is more If you have cable or satellite TV they track that as well. Think your health is between the DR. and you? Wrong.


Do you remember the old joke about The government having you from womb to tomb?

Well, now they do.


George Orwell wrote a book that was released on June 8 1949. it's final name. 1984.

If you have not read, well you should. It was set in the future (At that time) about the government controlling everything with big business.


Guess what? We have it right now.


I don't know what will happen to this country if we stay this headlong course into the pockets of the ultra rich. I'll bet it won't be good.

We need a fundamental change in this country and the world. One that values anything other than greed and the acquisition of money, power and things.

How about Art, culture and and real knowledge and helping our fellow man.

Who knows we might even find wisdom.


Posted by admin on August 14, 2014