The War On Gun Ownership.


All right enough is enough!

I am getting sick and tired of friends, people with more intelligence than this, posting and reposting inflammatory pictures with ridiculous clap trap on anti gun propaganda.

Oh they would say they are doing it to help. I would ask ask help who?


Lets get to it. The second amendment guaranties the right to keep and bear arms. This was yet again played out in the Supreme Court in the last few years. A democratic President stood with the Supreme Court who up held this amendment. With this in mind let's ask ourselves why this was placed into the Constitution in the first place. The, not yet a country, was in the process of breaking away from the county that ruled with an iron fist, England.

Lets not go into the reasons we did this. Remember the Boston tea party and all that? Good lets move on.


We were going to war with a force big enough to wipe us out. One thing the founding fathers wanted us to to is fight. In their case perhaps fight for out very lives. They also wanted to make sure that we always had the right and ability to defend out selves from what ever might happen in the years to come.


I'm am advocating gun violence? Hell no! I detest what is happing. But no matter how hard you try and get rid of the tool, the violence is still going to happen.

The latest case of murder with 20+ people dead is a very sad tragedy.

Lets look at some of the facts the press does not want to talk about. The wacko that did the shooting stole the gun. That's right he did not purchases the gun. He was also under the care, if you can call it that, of a mental health professional. He was not stopped by the anti theft law. Nor was he dissuade by the law that states murder is ,illegal and in most states, a capital crime. That means the state has the right to murder, excuse me, end your life for committing murder. He was not locked up or under house arrest for his mental condition. That too is illegal. One law that was followed.


The question is this one. How do you want to stop the violence? Taking the guns away is not it. Remember the pesky Constitution thing. Making it harder for people to get and keep guns. Well lets take a quick look at that. There are hundreds of laws in place about and for guns and owners of guns. It really is a dizzying number. Has it helped? New laws for guns? How many do you need? It's already illegal to kill someone. Why has that not stopped people from killing? Maybe we need more laws preventing people from killing another person.


Here's something to think according to statistics there were well over 10,000 people killed by drunk drivers in 2012 and each year that number goes up. Maybe we should do something about that. Make drinking and driving illegal! Oh wait, it already is.


This is the point I'm trying to make. New and more laws don't do anything. It's stupid to place your faith in more laws preventing what is already illegal. I have one friend who tried to tell me the tool of choice is a gun. Yes this is true. But it's not the only tool. Capone liked using a baseball bat. By the way it's illegal to carry a baseball bat in your car. Unless you have a mitt, ball and all the other stuff for that game with it. No clubs!!


The tool is not the cause. What ever the reason people kill. Hate, greed, revenge or just plain bat-shit crazy. Take your pick. The killing goes on. How do we change that?

No really how do we change the mind of the world when it comes to killing. I don't have fucking clue!

If you can wave your magic book, wand, whatever then do it. Yelling about violence does nothing.

Trying coming up with real solutions.

I hear some of you saying take the guns away. Good luck with that. Honest people will disagree and not give them up. Remember the pesky Constitution thing. Go house to house and collect them by force? The streets will red with all the blood From both the innocent and criminal.


Oh we should not forget those that kill in our name. For king, country and God. In never ending wars all over the world.


In video games, movies, photos, billboards, rap and in books. Killing, murder, rape, all manner of death. Wonder why there is so much violence? Look around. It's everywhere.


I find it ironic. So many people hating violence, with bumper stickers saying support our troops.