The Digital Age.


I got an email today from a friend of mine. The email had a series of pictures with teenagers at various places. The beach, park, in a car, on a date. The usual. In each photo all included had a cell phone in hand. And was ignoring everyone with them. There was also a quote from Einstein.

He said; “I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.”


I see this more and more. I can't say I have been reduced to the level of living with a smart phone in my hand. I do see where technology has done both good and bad.


I was talking with a friend of mine. He was expounding the virtues of digital everything. As a writer with dyslexia I would be shit out of luck without a spell checker. Even then I will probably use the wrong spelling of the right word. My friend contends “Artists” could use a computer for ALL their work. I tried to tell him as gently as I could. He was full of shit. He has no artistic ability. He will never understand the connection between artist and clay, canvas, stone and musical instrument. More on music later. Should Michael Angelo have used a computer. I think not. The beauty of brush strokes, the texture and subtle hues of a master. Nothing can compare.


As a writer I have sat and hit the keyboard for 15 hours at a time. Never even noticing it had gotten dark. No food or water. I had become one with the story. I had to finish, nothing could interrupt me.


As far as the digital world goes I do maintain a presence on-line. With writing and trying to get published, again, the more my face and name is out there in front of people, the better the chance I will have in obtaining the goal of a book deal.


Where does this leave us? As far as living on-line goes I will do what I can and need to. However I will never forget real life. People face to face. Talking, sharing and just hanging out having a meal and talking and laughing.


The irony is that you are probably reading this on the Internet.