The Cure?



I saw a commercial for breast cancer today and how we should all give to help find the cure.

This pisses me off to know end.

First.?? My mom had breast cancer and a double radical mastectomy. About 14 years latter she died of lung and liver cancer. It hit her like wildfire.

It spread to most of her internal organs. From the time she found out she had cancer to the time she died, horribly I might add, was only 12 weeks. She was so bad off I had to sit with her and press the morphine button for her. She could not do it herself. It was not enough. I felt a sense of relief when she fell into coma. At least she was not hurting any more. She died that night.

Let me tell you why I get so pissed at all the cancer walks, runs, fund raisers and all that.

I have to say everyone that participates heart is in the right place and I thank them for all there hard work.

With that said.

Would I like to see a cure? Hell yes I would! Will we ever find a cure?

Not on your life! Heres why I say this.

Considering this fact. Over $6 Billion is spent on Advertising campaigns, marketing, pink products, and alike just for breast cancer, By the way reports show the US taxpayers foot the bill for $780 Million of that, government grants. The truth is so much money is raised no one really knows for sure how much it is. Though it is estimated to be fery close to 1 TRILLION dollars a year world wide.

That's right, say it with me. 1 TRILLION DOLLARS!!

With that much money coming in world wide, do you really have the audacity or stupidity, to think they have don't have cure?

If they released a ???Cure??? all that free money would be gone. To add insult to a lingering death is the cost of the ???treatment??? Remember the hundred of billions?, why do they charge up to 5,000 TO 10,000 dollars per bag of stuff that they know full well will only ???Cure??? 1 or 2 out of a 50. The other 48-49 will get a little longer life. But wait! It never takes just one bag, OH NO! more like 5 bags!

My mom knew she was going to die. I did as well. There was nothing anyone could do. Her pain was so great no one could get enough morphine in her her legally.

She was screaming before she slipped into that coma.

I would have done anything to keep her from that.

something to think about.

The Manhattan project. The one that gave us the atomic bomb. That only took 6 years from concept to blast at Alamogordo. It cost 2 billion dollars. (23 billion in 2013 money) Most of that cost was building the newly invented machinery. About 6% of that was research.

Another fact to consider is this; Your desktop computer right now, has more computing power than the grand total of all the computational devices combined in 1939 when that project started.

Now tell me this. Do you still believe there is no cure out there?