The stigma of the IQ.

I find myself writing about things that get me pissed. This is yet another one from face book.
First let me say I don't mind 99% of the posts I read. A lot of them make me laugh. I like that part of it.
Today I read a bit on an IQ test. I went to take a look at it. Some mathematical problems that were, for me, easy to figure out.?? I was going to finish the thing. Then I stopped in my tracks and thought to myself.
???Do I really want that many people knowing my IQ????
I know where it sits. No I'm not telling you.
In my last go around in college I had to endure and sit through days of testing for my dyslexia.
Along with the comprehensive testing for dyslexia are embedded IQ tests.?? The reason for this is to ascertain if the subject being tested is faining dyslexia for an advantage. The reason for the IQ tests is a simple one. People with dyslexia often have a higher than normal IQ. I have a whopping case of dyslexia. It has plagued me since it was discovered when I was in kindergarten. Let's face it if it was bad enough to be discovered in kindergarten you know it not just a little case.
In the group I call my friends most all are members of MENSA. I am not. The thought of sitting for another week of testing makes me ill. The group comprises Doctors, physicists, computer and electronics geniuses and just plane folk. The last woman I was in love with had an IQ in the 170's.
I know two people with IQ's over the 180's I have to tell you IQ that high is tough to calculate.
What it means. It does not mean they will rule the world. It does mean they will understand anything you tell them. It does not matter if they are not familiar with the subject or not. They will grasp it within minutes.
In the movie, The Avengers, Tony Stark is asked when did he became an expert in nuclear astrophysics. He said, ???Last night. Didn't any else do the reading???? This made me laugh out loud. I know people just like that.
That's the point. If you have an IQ that high. Nothing is out of your reach. Most of those people I know with that level get bored very easily. The conversation can jump direction so fast as to make most peoples head spin. To them it's just what they do.
The stigma is they must be rich, crazy or not like us. The incorrect picture of the absent minded professor fuels the misconception. They are just people just like you and I. Are they differen?. I think their brain is different. For sure wired differently. Maybe even constructed differently.
I don't tell people what my IQ is without knowing them. I don't need to be judged.
I will end with best quote on IQ I have ever heard. It's from the great John Lennon, who said in a song, ???No one I think is in my tree, I mean it must be high or low???

the stigma of the IQ

Posted by admin on April 20, 2014