Social Media And Writing.


I am an author, writer and storyteller. I prefer the term storyteller to writer. I have learned the difference in the two. I would rather not do technical writing. Stereo instruction have never been much of a page turner for me. Okay sometimes they are. I will admit it, I'm a nerd! I love my toys as well. I have a swiss army knife with an alarm clock and a flashlight. I know what you're thinking, cool right!

I do all my writing on a computer. I thank every God I can think of for this piece of tech.

Another confession I will make is this; I have dyslexia and I have it in spades. I can't spell to save my life. I type with no more than two fingers and a thumb on each of my hands. If you ever saw me type you would see me mouthing out the letters and words I'm trying to spell.

Spell check has been a partial godsend. The problem wit it is I can spell the wrong word and it can be spelled rite. Okay I did the last one on purpose to drive the point home.


With all this said on the point of this piece.

As someone that lives, (I wish) on selling books, the world of social media is a two edged sword. It gets the word out about what I have been up to and what I am writing about. This is all to the good. However on the other hand. Out of all the people that follow me on Facebook, twitter and my actual website, and the numbers have reached into the mid 4 digits. I am more than grateful for it. Please forgive me for this. The sold numbers for the book are in noway are reflecting the numbers mentioned above.

Perhaps it's because people are to busy to read these days. Thats not true. I can't tell you the number of people I have seen with an electronic device reading a book. I still see people turning pages in an actual book as well. I'm a book guy my self.

So what the deal? I have no idea! All I can do is keep at it.


I will continue to tell stories and write them down. Put them in books and try and get them sold.

What media will win out in the future is anybodies guess. I think it will be a bit of, all of the above.

All I want to say with this is keep reading. The things you can learn are endless.

With that being said. You still have to go out and experience things for your self.

I've done so many different things in my life. You can too.

Just don't forget to read a good book from time to time. Maybe one of mine!