Before reading this you have to remember I am a Southern California boy. My pleasant memories of snow are going up to Big Bear, Wrightwood or Idyllwild. Playing and then returning home to a warmer climate.

With this in mind...


I have read a lot of facebook posts about the wonder and majesty of snow.

This of course is followed up with songs like white Christmas melodically taking us on a trip to magical winter wonderland.

Not to mention movies expounding the virtues and glory of the white stuff. Snowmen, icicles hanging from the eves and trees. Children sledding, hot coco etc, etc. All this helps us to create a picture of something we would all love to have every winter.


Snow in simple terms is nothing more than crystalline, frozen water.

Lets take a look at what the reality of it does in our lives.


We do get water from the snow pack. As it melts we can have a steady flow running into the lakes, rivers, tributaries and water shed areas. This is a good thing. We go skiing, boarding, sledding and or tobogganing. All these activities have snow in common.


What living in it means.

The roads are sometimes blocked. If you live in a city that plows you can expect some of, but not all the roads to be open. Even after the roads have been plowed, sanded and salted, the later not good for the undercarriage of your car or the environment, they will be slick. Accidents abound!

For snow to stick around and not melt we need very cold temperatures. Those hovering around 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 Celsius and under. You get the joy of shoveling out your cars, driveway and walks every time it snows.

Schools can shut down until the snow can be dealt with on a larger scale. The fact it's so cold means your heating bill goes sky-high in the winter. Travel has to restricted. You don't want to get caught out when it's actively snowing.

On a smaller note, everything gets white. All color is removed. Covered in a blanket that not only hides the color it can bury the shapes as well.