To smoke or not to smoke. This is even a real question?


There seems to be a controversy in this idea yet again. One that I can't understand.

It's like saying evolution never took place and the planet Earth, the moon and whole universe is only 4000 years old. If your gullible enough to swallow that crap, stop reading now.


I wish someone could break this smoking thing down for me in a way that makes any sense at all.

Many years ago the information came out that smoking was not a good thing to do.

The number of toxins was hard to count. The affects on the human body are so horrific as to make me shake my head and wonder why?

I will not give you a bunch of statistics, well maybe.

The number of web sites with real science are in the tens of thousands and you can look them up as you wish.

Instead I will tell you what I have seen and experienced in my own lifetime.

First, I was adopted. The reason I tell you this will be apparent shortly.

My mom and dad, the people that raised me, smoked a lot. At least a pack a day the entire time I was growing up.

I was born in July 1959. This was the era when just about everyone smoked and drank. It was considered the ???adult??? thing to do. Doctors would tell people that smoking was good for you as it made you feel good and blah, blah, blah. Of course this was based on the tobacco industry's very own ???science.???

As for myself I say I quit smoking when I moved out my parents house at age 18. No I never even tried smoking. I never once lit up. I never had to. Every day as I walked out of my room and down the hall to the kitchen, I would encounter a literal cloud of cigarette smoke in the kitchen, family and living room. Needless to say I have lung problems. Asthma was the first and biggest for many years.

To put it bluntly. I watched my parents smoke until they both came down with heart disease, totally blocked arteries, cancer and eventually died from the lot of it.

I can hear some of you saying smoking had nothing to do with any of it.

For those of you that think that way, get over it, you're wrong.


Having to watch all of this was not an easy thing for me to do.

Remember the adopted thing? Well in my thirties I had the chance to meet my birth mother and blood relatives. Some of them anyway. The sisters. The whole bunch smoked from the age of about 13. Ethel, the birth mom, smoked her whole life. She did quit when she had to go on full time oxygen. Emphysema had her. This did not change or give anyone the idea smoking may not might be a good thing. They all just happily puffed away. One by one all the sister wound up on oxygen.

All with Emphysema, COPD. They all refuse to believe smoking had anything to do with it.

The denial is so complete that they continued to smoke for years while on oxygen 24/7.

Ethel died from smoking related problems, still they smoked, all on oxygen and they smoke.

The eldest sister has died. She was on her second liver.

I have watched friends die from the cancers and other related disease caused by smoking. I have seen the damage first hand and it's not pretty.


I once dated a woman who smoked, a nurse of all things. She kept telling me she needed to quit, wanted to. It never happened while we were together.

Not the reason we broke up before you jump to conclusions.


That was then this is now.

The big thing now, and getting bigger, is vaporizing. Pure liquid nicotine with new fun flavors like cotton candy. I've heard of marketing to kids but this is ridiculous. The catch word for this stuff is ???Juice??? as if it were a good thing. Again as in the past it's said to be ???Healthy??? I've heard all this before.


Is it better than a regular cigarette? Okay sure why not. It's better. That's like saying putting a 22 in you mouth is better than a 44 magnum. Draw you own conclusions.


Nicotine is used as a pesticide, read some of the labels of the better brands. It has been used as such for hundreds of years. It is one of the most addictive drugs known to man. It still raises you heart rate and constricts blood vessels. The reaction in the brain is to significantly raise seratonin, dopamine and nor-epinephrine levels. These are some of the feel good chemicals in the brain.


I think a good question to ask would be be this; what happens when all the stimulus stops? Try and quit ???smoking or vaporizing??? Well it's obvious those levels have to drop, right? This has the result of making the subject feel, lets say not so good.


This is an oversimplification of the changes that take place. Let me put it this way. I have one friend that if he does not get enough nicotine he's ready to go on a killing spree.


I ask you; Is this level of addiction good for anyone?


What I have seen with my own two eyes.

The vapor users partake anywhere they like . They feel they have complete impunity.

Like in my house without asking if it's okay first.

I am allergic to nicotine, this is six years of allergy shots talking.

I have even seen a vapor unit that works more like inhalation therapy. Every full breath sucking in as much as possible. No more ???puffs.??? the idea is to take a full deep breath. Really?

Are you really going to try and tell me this is any better than traditional smoking? And so what if it is ???Better??? it's still an addiction.


I see such intense levels of justification when it comes to addictions of any kind, especially smoking.


My personal addiction, writing. It keeps me up at night. I get up way to early. I can become obsessed and not eat for days, okay that one is maybe not a bad thing for me.


Why do I do it? The rush! The high you, ( I ) get when I put the last words down and write these words, ???The End.???

There are no words to describe that feeling. I wont even try.


The bottom line is this. You can smoke if you want to. I hope you don't! But if you do you will need to remember the people you will leave behind, and you will one way or another.

to smoke or not to smoke

Posted by admin on September 23, 2013