Posted by admin on February 22, 2016



It is said that without hope we have nothing.

I say with hope we have nothing.


Hope sounds like a good thing. But is it.

I no longer want hope.

I want results. Things to happen. I don't hope for a better life. I want that sucker now! I have been working very hard for it for years.

I can no longer say, I hope!

Hope has been the carrot held out in front of our noses. Reaching but never catching it.

Those that do catch it are truly the lucky ones. I have seen people work their asses off, two, three jobs, loose love and relationships reaching for a life time and never make it. It's all luck! hard work helps but not everyone that works hard will be as lucky.


So I'm tired of hope. I ready to see results.


I don't hope to win the lotto I want the winning ticket now!


Okay I know I have to at least buy a ticket first. ;-)