Head in the sand.


I have seen this in many levels and in many friends. It never ceases to amaze me how people choose to not see the world around them. I understand pollution, never ending wars, poverty, hunger, over population, greed, poison in the food we eat and the list goes on and on and on.


It occurred to me that one reason is for this: People, on a whole, are putting blinders on to the world.

Again I can understand wanting to only have to deal with your own shit.

Why worry about the world. It's to big, right?. This is nothing more then a rationalization.

You say, ???It's not the job of one person to fix it all!??? We all have to do our part.

No more, ???blow happy smoke up your ass??? Look around you. It really is getting worse out there.


Now I hear you lament, What can one person do? Really? Ask that question to Mahatma Gandhi!


It's time to pull our collective heads out of the sand. Look around and do something!


Don't settle for a false belief someone else will make it right.

The Gods have left the building! All of them.

Governments are only helping those that can afford to buy them.


WAKE UP! The time to do something about this world is rapidly running out.

Look around and ask your self this one question. Will I leave this world better than I found it. Or just use for my personal gain.

Head in the sand

Posted by admin on March 23, 2015