Grays Harbor County Fair

Posted by admin on August 12, 2013

I just sat down to write this. Before I started I put on some music. This is nothing new for me. I have the player on random. Again nothing new. So what's the first song that starts. Nothing less than the Rolling Stones, ???You can't always get what you want.??? I shit you not.

Now before you say anything about the size of my music file it's 6.8 gig compressed mp3's. Thats 1392 songs. Sometimes you got to wonder.


Now to the real reason I'm writing tonight.


I just sat down after retrieving my book from the county fair. This was, I hope, a good thing. My entry took a 2nd place. This is no great shakes. Here's how the local fair runs. If you enter something you are assured a ribbon. The ranking goes as follows. Best in class, this is the real first prise. The next is first place, with a blue ribbon. Second place with brown. Third place, you almost never see one of these.


In fact the first place is what you see everywhere. Hundreds of them in fact. So many as to make them worth nothing.


My book The Evil In The Dark got a second place.

I'm a big boy I can take it.


Then I looked at the book. They never even read it.

The hypocrisy of this should be self evident.


I have to ask myself if I really care? This county is more than a little backwards.

It is events like this that remind me of how lucky I was for being raised in Southern California.

Yes So Cal has it's share of problems and I will be the first to point them out.

Compared to this town and county So Cal if heaven.

Am I pissed? You bet!

I have to remind myself that this place is not where I want to be. I will never fit in here.

California is where I was brought up, it's where I belong and it's where I must return, it's home.

It home in a way I can't explain. I have given this place more than a good chance. I have given my blood, sweat, and tears. It has taken so much and returned nothing. I long for the day I see this place in the rear view mirror for the very last time.


I will remain here, working towards that day I head home.

May it be soon. It will come with hope and it will come with the open arms of friends and family.

This day is my dream and it's my goal.


They never even read the book? Really? I mean REALLY??