Well it's that time of year again. The weather is getting colder, at least up in Washington state.

Sunny days now just a dream slipping away in our minds.

Rain now pelting the roofs of our houses. The constant patter, an all to familiar drowning.

The local high school football season now in full swing. They have been practicing for a month now.


Heres the thing. Football is no longer a simple game. It has become a metaphor. Perhaps the game was never about fun certainly not for the players. It's about sweat, pain and sacrifice in life.

On the nights of a game we can now see an ambulance sitting in the parking lot. Waiting to help the poor schmuck that will give his all until he breaks. Almost every game.


In this town this grizzle gladiatorial display plays out just about every week during the season.

I have to think back to my high school days, all the way back to the mid to late 70's. Being as big and strong as I have always been. In my senior year I was 6'6??? and about 245 I was a target for the coaches. I would never give them the time of day.

I learned a more than painful lesson in my freshman year. I played football in that year.

I saw the same ER Dr. 3 times that year. I was told that if I wanted to walk when I hit forty I would stop playing. I took his advice. I gave up the ???game.??? I never looked back.


I never really thought about it much after that.

Not until this very day. Outside I could hear the marching band whipping up the crowd. From the sound of it they had done more than a good job.

The sound reminded me of a war cry in the movie ???Braveheart??? In this game one side will loose, most of the time, ties are rare. From the sound of the crowed this game will be a lively one.

I would not doubt that the ambulance will be needed at some point tonight, and for what? A game?

This game if you will is all about the level of sacrifice the players are will to endure. Bruises? Blood? Broken bones? In some cases paralysis and even death. All to a crowed cheering them on to the bitter end.


I have heard the news from some of the Seattle stations. Some parents are asking a question, but in the wrong way. People want to know how we can stop the now constant injuries being produced by this ???Game??? they want to know what to make it safer?

I feel the real question should be why are we asking, no requiring this level of sacrifice in a high school game? The numbers are harsh. Only 3-4% of high school players will ever even make it and play at the collage level. The numbers are worse for getting into the NFL.


What are we trying to teach our kids with this?

You tell me!


Posted by admin on August 30, 2013