I was reading a post one of my friends made today on face book. Not just a face book friend, but a real one. The post was expounding the stupidity of an elected official in Texas. I found no fault with the rather public rebuking and condemnation of this less than, well educated in science, public official.

The thing that really got me pissed is why do we keep having to point out there stupiditys?

This is just to much. Some people, my self included, take issue with people pretending to have knowledge on a subject they clearly have no clue on.

I'm reminded of the bonehead that said “To many wind generators could stop the wind from blowing” That was a real statement from a politician. Someone who got elected. The least these idiots could is ask someone that has I don't know, I clue! Hell with the money they blow every year you think they could hire someone with a masters in science.

Then it hit me! The real reason I was getting so pissed of in the first place.

These idiots were elected buy the very people that are now calling them out for being stupid!

If this wasn't bad enough, most of the idiots have been in office for several terms.

What does that say about the morons that keep voting them in office?

Are people really that stupid? From the fact Governor Rick Perry of Texas, a man that hates gays and womans rights, has been reelected three times. Yes three times.

I would have to say that unequivocally people are in fact morons.


If you think your elected officials or stupid. STOP REELECTING THEM!! if not you have nothing to complain about!!


I don't like most of the people running things right now adays. I also think that we really don't have any real choice when we go and vote. I would like to see an election where the only votes cast are from the candidates themselves.

Maybe then they will understand we don't like what they are doing with all their personal agendas and disregard for facts and real science.


I can hope can't I?