Corporations Are What?





I saw something today that got me thinking. If the fate of marriage rests in the hands of the Chief Justice that gave corporations person-hood rights, that's not realistic.

This gave me something to ponder. It might be a good thing after all.

Hold on, I know what you thinking. They get massive tax cuts.

I will live with this, If and I say if, they have to follow all the laws that apply to the rest of us.

Think of it in this manner;

Hostile take overs should, under the law, be considered assault, attempted murder or rape! They should be tried for these crimes in the same fashion as any person.

No more multiple marriage for them either. No more companies with a dozen smaller. Would that be bigamy or polygamy? Children maybe?

Any merger is and should be conceded a marriage! And by the laws of the land they are not allowed more than one at a time. When they break up.

Can you see that fight in divorce court! Bring popcorn!!

Just think, they were declared people.

Lets treat them like people and hold them accountable for all there actions!


For the record.

I am in full support of gay and lesbian rights and marriage.