Lost Soul

Posted by admin on July 28, 2016

Lost Soul.


It happened and probably still does in a convalescent home for the very old and sick of body and mind. This is a place that some people are sent when no one wants, or can no longer look after them. A place of great sadness, where a human life awaits the infinite.

On one cold and clear night, long after all of the patients had gone to bed one of the attendants makes the last rounds of the night. A strong young man in his early twenties working the three-to-midnight shift hears something. As he nears the end of a long darkened hall of bed rooms, a soft voice was heard. The residents were sleeping quietly, and the voice seemed respectful of that. All of the people that resided on this particular hall were somewhat coherent. All they really needed was to be shown where the dining room was and so on. On this night a voice was heard. It was the soft and low sound of an old woman. It was coming from the dining room. This room was just down and to the left beyond the bedrooms. The woman???s voice he heard said in a low and plaintiff timbre, ???Help me I???m lost! Someone please help me???.

The heat had never worked correctly in the building. It was always too warm or too cold, and this night was no different. It was very warm inside, too warm. The young man thought someone had gotten out of bed trying to find a drink of water. Not finding a drink or the way back to her room, he went to help. He walked down the darkened hall towards the dining room. He heard the voice again, ???Help me, I???m lost.??? ???I???m coming,??? he said in a soft voice so as not to wake anyone else.

He arrived at the dining room. It was dark and much too warm. The voice had stopped calling. He quickly went to turn on the lights. He blinked as they came on and began to search and call out softly for that lost lady. He searched that large room filled with tables adorned with cloth covers.

He found no one. Thinking that he must have heard someone from one of the last bed rooms just adjacent to the dining room. As he left he turned off all but one of the lights. He continued his search to find that lost lady. He took his first step out of the room.

As he did the same voice called again, ???Help Me! I'm lost!???

Thinking she must have alluded him. He turned around and went back in, saying, ???Hello is anyone in hear???? Again he could see no one in the room. Without leaving the room he called for another aide for assistance. Another aide came down the hall asking what he needed. After he told her what had happened they both went to search the room. She would have a much harder time hiding from two CNA's. Again they found nothing.

Just as before, as they exited the room they heard the voice. The voice called out just as it had done a moment ago. It asked for help. Giving one last try they walked back into the room. This time as they did they walked into a column of cold; it was not under a vent of any kind. This more than anything unnerved the two of them. They left the room, and the disembodied voice. Outside they asked each other what they should do. A decision was made to report it to the head nurse on duty. This was not done wildly. Rather it was done with quiet respect. As their story was told the nurse held up her hand for them to stop.



They thought they were about to receive a reprimand for such an outrageous story, but the nurse quietly said, ???Years ago one of the clients, a woman, died in that room. From time to time she still makes herself heard again. Only some of the staff knows about this. She asked the two of you not to tell anyone and not to chart it.???

They did as they were asked. Nothing was written down and it was not mentioned again.

To this day, on a cold night with the heat running to hot inside, strange things still happen at this lonely place. Sometimes it's just as simple as an old lost woman calling out for help. Sometimes it's a lot darker. Only a few have ever heard of this woman. I guess you could say there were lucky.

This is not the strangest thing that ever happens in this place, and I'm sure everyplace that has had forgotten people live and die in it has its own stories.