Winters icy grip, unwilling to yield.

This year has been bad.

One for the books.

The days are cold.

The nights are colder.

No end in sight.

Winter refuses to let go.

Rain, rain and more rain.

Still no end in sight.

The calender says spring.

The snow still falls.

Seasons in turmoil.

A sign of our times?




The year is 2008 / 09 it has been one of the worst for bad weather in a long time.

The snow was so bad it all but shut the town down.

The city was completely unprepared for it.

They had to rent out snow plows and sand dropping trucks.

They did this after three days of people being stuck in and out of there homes.

I for one was one of those stuck out of my house.

This is only one of many good reasons for me to move from this city, county, state.

If I have my way the country as well.