What Is Love.



What is love?

A question I often contemplate.

Is it just a chemical response?

Could it be something sent to us from the Gods.

Why do some fall in love so easy.

I hear it from people.

They say that are in love.

They can “fall” so fast.

I know I can love.

I have felt it before.

The feelings of joy, anticipation, longing.

I have had so much loss.

Will I feel it again?

Can I?

How do I find it, can I?

What will it feel like.

Will it be as an old friend.

I hope I recognize it when and if it comes.




I had to write something about this.

I have seen so many people say they they are in love after a week of knowing someone.

I have never been so lucky.

I have been burned so many times.

I don't know if I'm capable of “falling” in love anymore.

I don't know if I have shut myself so far off.

Will I feel the pangs of love again?

At this point I don't care.

It's sad for me to say this. I don't like it myself.

This will be a conflict within me for some time.