The Great Child.

The great child, searching for a home.

Wanting, needing, using.

Willing to relinquish all the responsibility for their needs.

Food, shelter, companionship.

Escaping accountability for their own lives.

Vicariously living another's.

Spectator, parasite, life leach, missing out on the adventure that life holds.

Never going it alone with the idea that, it’s the journey that holds the key.

Face it head on; fear not the pitfalls.

The valleys can be low, and the hills oh so high.

Take it all and make it yours.

Learn, live, love, experience.

It’s waiting for you, but it will not wait forever.



I wrote it for someone who used to be a friend of mine. Turns out he is one true child. Always looking for someone to take him by the hand and show him the way. He lives in his own world. One where he is always right. In my life I have met people like this and it always makes me downhearted. To think that someone can have so little responsibility for their own actions, and thoughts. People who only live through the accomplishments and failures of others. This world will never make it with people like this, you have to live your own life, not live it vicariously through others. If you make it, you make it on your own, fall and get back up, you still learn.