To sleep perchance to dream...

Beautiful words written by a master.

Yet I have a simple dream.

My dream is perchance to sleep!

Sleep that blissful time of peace and rest.

The one thing that continues to allude me.

Sleep has become as allusive as a penumbra in the rapidly fading sun of the late evening.

Sleep, once as faithful as an old familiar friend, now scarce.

Is this addition of hours a blessing so I may become more productive?

Is it a curse, one that endeavors to keep me forever off balance.

In a life struggling for any meager amount of control, the loss of sleep is profound.

The simplest thing to often taken for granted.

Sleep has the ability to heal the body and restore the clarity to a weary mind.

What are we left if neither can be had.

What ideas might be gleaned from that repast when cradled in the arms of Morpheus.

What indeed.



Once again I find myself not sleeping. The 4 hours a night are far from what my need.

I get up and write. With any luck what I write is worth reading. I never really know.

Perhaps this is just the way of things in my my life. Jagger sang, ???You can't always get what you want???

Strange, the one thing I want is the one thing I need. I will have to take a nap today.

My cat Scully will be quite happy.



Posted by admin on February 02, 2014