Sandcastle Magic.

Castles in the sand the dreams of a child.

Hand in had they go.

Playing and learning.

Watching them come and go with the tide.

We can learn from the castles in the sand.

We’re born, live, grow and die.

Like those castles in the sand, beauty for a short time.

Nature in her way builds her own castles, and knocks them down again.

A reminder that nothing is forever.




The first weekend of September 2005 I heard from a friend. He told me of a trip and a picture he had taken at Mono lake in California. He told my that the formations in the lake looked like drip sand castles to him. He wondered if I could write something about them. So he sent me the picture. I had an instant idea. I thought about castles in the sand and playing as a young child at the beach. I hope he likes what I have come up with, and you too.  I still make castles in the sand when I can. In my life I strive to never loose the wonderment of the little child. I hope I never loose it.