One door opens

Posted by admin on December 21, 2016

It is said that when one door closes another opens.


This may be true. But for me there is no single door closing and opening.

It's more like a revolving door.

Once inside you have both. The place you just came from and the one you are going.

I seem to be trapped in that revolving door. Always seeing where I have been and at the same time a new place and a new hope. Only to have the door revolve and it's gone.

This is my life at this point.

Always being shown what could be, and never being able to reach it.

Round and round I go not being able to get out of the door. I take a step towards it and it's gone. Swept away. No matter how fast I move the door speeds up and that happy view o what could be is gone.

I push on. Hoping that one day the door will slow and let me pass.

On that day I will rejoice.

My only hope now is this. When it allows me to leave, and I can finally get out, it will be a place of happiness, warmth and love.

For now round and round I go taunted by the promise of what could be. Never getting out.

I look to the heavens and ask why? There is no answer. Only the constant door revolving in space and time. With I trapped inside.