Inner Peace.

Lfe is all to short.

We scurry about our lives without giving a thought too finding a place of peace.

That place where thoughts and dreams come together and gives hope for a next new day.

We fill our time with things, jobs, shopping, friends, school, church.

We run trying to beat the clock, fill the hours, get more things.

We must slow our minds. Listen to the wind and rain.

To find what’s real within ourselves.

A place of quiet and peace.

Become content in that quiet.

Do what you must to make it in this life.

Put the things aside that fill up the hours of the day.

Find the peace within yourself and others will come to know it by your example.



I wrote this work after several emails to and from a friend of mine. We were trying to work out a time we could get together and shoot the breeze face to face.He was telling me that ALL his time was booked up from the time he got up in the morning to the time he went to bed for the next two weeks.This made me start to think and I looked around at some of the other people I know.They were all running with no end in sight. Being a starving writer does give me the time to sit back and comment on the world as I see it.Most of the people I saw rushed around so much they had lost that special place. That place where they can be alone with their thoughts. I had to put into words what my heart was telling me. This world needs to find a place of peace.  A place where we can learn who we are and who we want to be. Without the noise and hustle of the rest of the world creeping in.