Posted by admin on October 04, 2013

When the needs of the many are replaced by the greed of the few.

When children go to their beds hungry and cold and that being only if they have beds.

The fear and trepidation of the mothers and fathers working two jobs each.

The parents that can't find a job.

What will history say of the men and woman that care more for their back accounts.

Those that say, ???It's their own fault.???

The rancour and hostility as they look at the world they have made with the greed far beyond that of avaricious.

Will their souls be forever dammed to walk the cold and retched remains of the land they have made and taken so much from?

Karma will teach the final lesson.


Poverty may be my fate. If that be, I will walk that path with pride, head held high, knowing I gave my last penny to a hungry child.