There is a change coming. You can feel it in the air. The warmth of the day is sliding, fading like the sunlight and the length of the day.

Thunder can be heard, a giant sentinel tolling out the coming of something new and yet so very old.

Fall and the rise of old man winter is approaching with all do haste. Clouds fill the skies and rivers run deep.

Leaves fall like tears as trees mourn the loss of summers warmth, and brace themselves for a long and bleak winter.

Soon the colors of summer will be all but gone.

The gentle shades of green. The vibrant burst of color from the petals of a thousand flowers. Taken from our sight. Covered in a blanket of icy white snow.

This is just a segment in the wheel of the year.

Soon this too shall yield to the return of the sun and longer days. Warmth once again.

Another year as it should be.

Full circle.


Posted by admin on October 17, 2014