Decisions Decisions.

What time should I wake up in the morning, and when to go to bed.

What should I eat for breakfast, lunch.

Should I wear the blue shirt or black, socks, pants, shoes.

Every day we make decisions that might change our lives.

What of the vital things in life, where to live, who to love.

What is it that makes those so hard when we choose everyday.

The scars they can leave on our souls and probably others could be grave.

The decisions we make should be done with an abundance of thought

and conviction, not alacrity.

Life goes on.

It waits not for us to choose.


I can get inspiration from just about anywhere or anyplace. Sometimes it as easy as getting up and looking in the closet. Sometimes it can come from the strangest places. In this case getting up and trying to decide which of the woman I had as friends I should try and have a serious relationship with. Turns out I wasn't to be with either one of them.  I can think of the damnedest things when looking for socks.