Change Of Season.

It happened on the full moon.

I could feel it in the air.

I could feel it in my soul.

A gentle tug that said the heat of summer is leaving.

As I looked up at the full moon, I thanked the great lady.

The long hot days of summer are thankfully over.

Nights will become longer, and it might even rain.

The circle turns once more.


The change of the seasons are very important to me. I was sitting in my office one night in Lake Elsinore and I felt it start.The seasons were in change. The summer was one of the hottest in record.The fires in southern California were the worst in history. We lost one million acres and over three thousand homes. Sadly over one hundred people lost their lives. I was happy to see and feel the change start to happen. It meant that the fires would soon be out as the rains would be on there way.  I was right within the next few days it started to rain.