As some of you know the accident I was in has left me in constant pain to one degree or another.

When it gets bad even sleep is not a refuge for me. I wrote this the other day. I was more than burnt out. I limped down stairs and wrote this down. I only had 3 hours sleep in 36. I reread it today and thought I would share it. I know I'm not the only one with sleep deprivation. Perhaps we can all relate, perhaps.


Another Sleepless Night.


It happened again, as it does all to often. A night filed with nightmares. One after another they came.

I awoke with a scream. It was 2:00 am when the first one infiltrated my night.

The pain in my hip and foot, the root cause. I hope.

I taxed myself over the tenuous and ever changing limit.

I walked to far and stood up to long. Nightmares and pain my reward.

I'm so leery of sleep. The terror of last night still haunting my waking mind. Soon I will have no choice, sleep will over take my conscious state and return me to the arms of Morpheus.

My he embrace me with comfort and a slumber filed with warmth, adventure and love.

Both my body and mind need the blessed rest and release

Another Sleepless Night

Posted by admin on October 28, 2013