A Time Alone.

Living alone, without the distraction or benefit of anyone.

A time for contemplation and dreams.

And yet so many people all around, rushing by, no sound, eyes forward, no word of acknowledgment offered.

Perhaps a wave now and again from someone trying to reach out from the crowd.

An all too brief connection.

Is it an affirmation of life, theirs and yours?

Home alone, a place of solitude, sanctuary, so quiet.

It is that very quiet itself that people cannot deal with.

This human race we live in.

So many people lacking the ability to count on themselves.

Afraid of being alone, afraid of the dark.

In need of someone else, the sound of a voice, any voice, another life.

There is a certain nobility in solitude, a nobility of self.

There is a place within all of us that if we are to grow spiritually, emotionally, and as a race we must journey into.

All alone we must, one by one, begin this journey of discovery.

There is no end to this journey.

Once you begin down the path of enlightenment there is no end.

Only growth.

It is a journey that few people are willing to take.

Yet it is a journey that we must all take if we are to continue.

Our busy lives, the hectic workday.

A mindset that says we must continually be with someone else.

These are the things that keep us from beginning that long and fulfilling journey.

A journey most people fear.

That journey within themselves.

To discover and grow.

A Time alone and a place to renew.

Renewed we can then join a much greater whole.

Share with each other in a way long but not completely forgotten.


This bit of verse was a departure from the norm for me.

I put a lot of time and effort into it. I was living alone in a big five bedroom house.

One of my friends came over to chat about his wife and kids.

They gave him a mixture of great joy and intolerable sadness.

He looked around and asked me how I could live in this great big empty house, all alone with just my one cat for company. He mentioned that if there was nothing going on he felt lonely and alone.

He wanted to know why I was not crazy form all the solitude.

I thought about this for some time and in my own way answered him in this work.

I let him read it when I was finished, he could not quite grasp what I was trying to tell him.

I hope someday he will.