A dear Friend.


I heard a friend cry for help today.

He did not cry for me.

I heard it in his voice.

His pain I felt with every word.

He would not let me help him.

Perhaps its not my place.

I’d help him without question.

Friends mean so much to me.

Without friends I’d have nothing.

No family have I to love.

When their all gone what will I have to show.

I hope someone remembers me when the lights are finely out.

I ask nothing in return for this,

Not love nor trust or faith.

Just my name on someone’s lips.

After my time is through.



I called a friend the day I wrote this. I got his machine. the message was so disturbing. I could here him cry out for help, he was lost and alone. It made me so sad I had to say something about it.

In a time were we are never more than sixty seconds from the next human being we can feel so alone. Strange we can’t connect.