A Darker Night.

The sunlight slowly fades. The dark of night replaces the colors of the day. Shadows now command our attention. Familiar surroundings take on a new and sinister hue. Stars only resemble pinholes in this curtain of night. The safer feel of the day has retreated. Night is here. What secrets does it hold, hide? Creatures of the night world begin their prowl. This night is different from the rest. The darkness permeates. It's quiet, to quiet, nothing stirring at all. The safety of electric light, fading from view much sooner than before. A dark haze before us. A candle light flickers and staves off the blackness. Our only respite from this inky gloom. Things unseen invade, posses thoughts. Senses heightened, we know it's here. Yet we do our best to disregard the truth before us. Lurking in the darkness biding its time. Waiting to catch our very last breath. Cats hide under the bed wisely. They know know more than we do. We think we know the truth of the darker nights. We don't!



I was talking to a very good friend of mine. She said she was going to an Edger Allan Poe reading. It was going to be an open mic and people could read something from Poe or something that was Poe-like. I wrote this for that night. I like it. Not to mention I have seen nights like this.