Poems. Verse.

I started writing poems back in 2000. it was a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings. Not to mention I just wanted to do it. I find it relaxing and it takes me to new places within myself.

I am working on a book of poems. the working title is, "Emotional Sojourn"?? It is just that. The recollections and thoughts from the last few years. All the work is from this book.

With each piece I have included a post script. The reason is a simple one. In my years I have found that educators and alike have differing ideas on what the author was saying or trying to say. Indeed what they were thinking when they wrote the work in question. I have always found this silly. So to put an end to the endless guesswork I have written what was going on in my head.

For the future English students and professors. Feel free to read or not to read my motivations behind the work.

As for the work itself. It is my intent to make you Laugh, cry, get you mad and make you think. After all that is what writing is about.

I thought about thanking all the people by name that have inspired me in these works. The list would fill a page or two.?? I will say thank you to everyone, without naming names, that have for good or bad, been a part of my life so far.

Thank you one and all!