Just a not before I give you the story. 

As some of you know most of my stories come from dreams. This one is no different.

I would like to know where in the hell this one came from. On the weird scale this one is about 8.

with this disclaimer I give you..  

Walking Spiders. 

It’s a warm day with the sun shining bright. Perfect day for a drive. The windows down and fresh air delighting the senses. I head for my car. The sun is maybe a bit to bright. I don my sunglasses and look around. Yep! It going to be a beautiful day. I get in and fire up the engine to my classic 68 SS Camaro.

Somethings never go out of stile. She roars to life! The vibrations of the motor further my anticipation. I hit the street. I off! As I drive up the road I can see I’m not the only one that is looking for an adventure. Lots of kids playing, people outside tending to the lawn and gardens. All is right on this idyllic spring day.

Music up loud, I have been on the road for about an hour. As I drive something comes running out in front of me. I think it a dog. I hear the a lady screaming on the sidewalk. I hit the brakes, but it’s to late. I hear the thump from the front and back tires. I bring the car to a stop. This beautiful day shattered in an instant. I jump out to see if there is anything I can do. I run to the back of the car. I stop and look in horror at what I hit.

With the woman is crying. She cries that I killed her Charleen! As I look I can’t believe my eyes. Or the tears from the woman now in front of me.

On the ground is the remains of a spider. A spider with a three foot body! A feeling of relief and horror washes me. I look at her, “Thats not a dog. That, thats a, spider” The realization of the words hit me. “What the fuck?” I quickly ask, “Did that thing kill your dog?” she looks at me with disdain, “You killed Charleen!” “Ah, sorry?” The thing on the ground twitched, I almost pee my pants. I look around and I see people walking spiders. All kinds of spiders. There is one enormous black widow on a leash. “Of fuck this.” I get in my car, start it up, hit the gas and get the hell out of this place. All over this place, wherever I am, people are walking giant spiders! I check my gas gage. it’s about ¾ of a tank. I hit the nearest freeway and step on it, hard. I look for a sign stating where I am. Cuz’ I’m never coming back here. As I speed away I think to my self.

This well never end well.   

Walking Spiders

Posted by admin on February 28, 2017