Undiscovered Soul

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Undiscovered Soul.

Chapter 1
Making money
It's a good night at the roulette wheel. I'm wining, not to much mind you. I don't want to attract attention. I could win every time if I wanted to. All my life I have had an ability to make things move with my mind. When I was young I used to make my mom crazy. At least that's what she tells me. I always got the cookies from the top shelf. Without help. Well thats not really true. I only started doing it when I turned 12, the same year my voice started to change. In retrospect I guess I should say it happened the same time puberty hit. I never used it that much growing up. My parents told me it was a gift from God and I should never use it unless I was doing something for God. That was a load of crap. I started to use it for little thing in high school. Pranks mostly, in the back of my head I could hear my mom warning me not to use it because it was a gift from God and I should, yada, yada, yada! Yeah whatever. If this is a gift from God I should be able to use it to help me first! I did learn to keep it to my self. I found out fast people would call me a freak. I have been coming to Vegas for about 33 years now. Since I was 23. I adopted the old adage. God helps those that help themselves. He gave me this ability right? why not use it.
At first I wanted to hit one big score and leave. However as I was up the first time, about 1.7 mil. I was approached by an incredible woman. To say she was the hottest woman I had ever seen would be an understatement. She looked at me and somehow got into my head. When I say got into my head, I mean she was talking to me in my head. Richard, there are things I must tell and show you. Don't worry this won't hurt. I had no idea what she was talking about. Then it hit me. Things started to flash in my head. Pictures and video with sound. She showed me things that were to much for me to handle. This was done in an instant, but it felt like days. She said she was like me. She was telekinetic but she could also read minds better that was her real gift. This was something I could not do. I never ever heard of it being possible. Reading minds. I always thought that was just fortune teller shit. She told me I needed to loose some of the money back. Right now! I don't know why, but I did as she said. I went on a loosing streak I lost over half before she said I could walk away from the table. She never uttered a word while she stood there betting. She only talked to me in my head. For a while I thought I was daydreaming the whole thing. As far as anyone could tell, including me, she never looked at me. I took my winnings and walked out of the casino and onto the street. She followed and met me a few minutes latter. We talked out loud this time. This was no dream. She continued to tell me things I needed to know. She didn't care that I won any money at all. This was the first time I learned that I was not alone. Here was someone else that could do what I could and more. She told me there are a lot of us scattered across the globe. Hearing this I felt as if the world was opening up to me. I may be a freak, but at least I was no longer the only one. I was not alone any more! The name she gave me was Simone. She had long red hair and milk white skin. She was a picture of beauty and elegance. We had met up just outside the casino. She asked me to hail a cab. I said I have a car. She said No, get a cab. I did and we got in. She told the driver to head north out of the city. He asked how far. She told him to just drive. I handed him a hundred. Off we went. The whole trip neither of us said a word, out load anyway. In our heads we never stopped talking. I had a million questions. Most of which she answered by sharing pictures and sound and in glorious and full rich detail. I had never experienced anything like this before.
We were off the strip, heading out of the city, we were heading north. We had been out of the city for 20 minutes. Up ahead there was a large diner coming up and she told him to pull over and let us out there. The fair was another 70 bucks I tossed him another fifty and said thanks. He was happy and drove off. She told me to follow her around back. For a brief moment I felt a flash of fear. She got a smile on her face and said, Richard Stevens! If I was going to rob you I would have let you break the bank. Then why steal from you. I could just win it. I felt stupid. I said out loud I'm sorry. She looked at me and the both of us broke out laughing. Around the back of the diner is a stairs, we went up. She opened the door to the more than lavish apartment. It was the size of the entire diner. I walked in and shut the door behind us. The door lock clicked. This she did. I smiled and took a seat on the real leather sofa. I'm gonna guess you own the whole place? As I said this she walked over to a well stocked bar and asked me if I wanted a drink. I asked for a beer. She grunted a bit and pulled out a beer from Germany. She handed it to me as she sat. I have told you much this night about us. You still have much to learn. This diner. I use to launder my money. It's easer that way. I have a fake ID I give to the casino when I win. The money can't be traced to the real me. I'll teach you how to generate a lot of fake ID's social security numbers, drivers license, the works! Only if you intend to live this kind of life. She knew this was my first time at winning. I sat and thought about what she said. I would have never thought about it otherwise. He words made sense. I felt like a child, She was right I had a lot to learn. She came over with a look of concern. She scooted over and put her arm around me. Don't feel bad. I had to learn the hard way. This made me feel better. What she had to teach me would take some time. For the next week she taught me all she could. How to hide my self in plane sight. Hide my money and above all else make sure I gave back to the casinos. This would keep them happy and unaware. She told me that some of us were working on the strip as escape artist's and Magicians, mostly. She told me that I could never have a normal life if I used what I have. I could only have a long term relationship with my own kind. The risk being with someone that did not have what we did, well it could end very badly. As she said this I know she was speaking from a point of experience. I could feel her pain. Also she said that some of the casinos know about us and are watching! I asked what they would do? She shuddered and said If they don't just kill you, they will turn you over to the government, they want us the most. Some of us have ended up as lab rats and some far worse. What we have they want for spying and war! what she said scared me.
Being 23 and horny I wanted her in the worst way. But I needed her teachings far more. She never made a move and I got the feeling if I did I might regret it.
One of he last nights I was with her we did make love. and wow. It really blew my mind. I took in what she had to say, and I never forgot. I never saw her after that. I tried to find her. It was no use she was to good. That was 33 years ago. Now I'm 56 and never married. I've had relationships from time to time. But in the back of my head has always been the words that Simone told me. I find I'm always looking over my shoulder. Maybe thats why I'm still around. 
This night I was up about 96k. I, as always, started to loose some of it back, not quite half, before I called it quits and go to dinner anyway. 46 grand will hold me for a while. I will hit one of the other big casinos tomorrow. All in all I'll take some 125k. That's what I live on a year. This year I need a new car so I may have to take a little more. Paying cash for everything is a good way to hide the money. I pay tax on everything I win, not enough to draw to much attention to my self, I hope. I have a small room here at the hotel like I always do. Non smoking. That's anther reason I don't come here to often. I'm allergic to cigarettes and smoke. Even the vapor stuff. It's the nicotine. Pluggs up my head, watery eyes. Think hay fervor. It's a small price to pay for the money I get. They always try and upgrade me. I always say, No thanks. I have to leave in the morning. This is actually true. To keep things looking normal I only stay the weekend. Sunday night I hit it big and loose a bunch of it back. I live a good life. I never hurt anyone and only take money from the casinos. Sheldon Adelson deserves to loose some money to me and on a regular basis. I always watch my back. I take most of the money in cash. I have some deposited into a couple of banks. One of which is in Ireland. I have a nice next egg there. It's over 1.2mil. Euro. In a few years I might retire there. This day nothing was going wrong. Nothing out of the ordinary. It was going just as planed. I'd win a little then loose. Then all of a sudden something happened. Something I had no control over.

Chapter 2
Raining money

I had been at the same roulette table well, most of the day. It's about 4:00 pm. Wining some and loosing some. This is the best game I can play. I can make it hit when ever I want. All of a sudden I hit. Okay this could be luck. I was not pushing it at all. I was not ready to win so I let it ride. To my shock and surprise it hit again. This was not of my doing. I moved the whole thing to another number and let it ride. It hit, again. This time I tipped the table, the dealer, pit boss everyone that works on or around the table. I tip big. I place a really large wager. This time I push the ball anywhere else but my spot. My bet wins again. Nothing like this has ever happened. I notice the pit boss taking notice of me. To much notice. I hear the words Simone told me over and over. Never get noticed. This is the last thing I need. I tip everyone again even bigger. 500 bucks each. This time I pick up everything and walk away. I have to figure out what the hell is going on. In an instant I came up with a plan. I call for the concierge. The first thing I do is hand him a chip worth 500 bucks. I ask him if I can get an upgrade to a villa. Before he can say anything I tell him I want to celibate my good fortune. I tell him I want the best wine and food. I will be calling ten people in for the party. I also tell him he is more than welcome to come as is the pit boss and the floor manager. He asks me about ladies? I hand him a thousand and say just one. I would like a redhead. I give him my best description of Simone. He gives me a big smile. He tells me this kind of party will cost a lot. I hand him ten grand in chips and say make it happen! He asks for my key and motions for one of his staff. A beautiful woman walks over to me. She says her name is Halley. The concierge quickly fills her in. She's very tall about 5'10 and only about maybe 30. I shake her hand and feel a bit of a spark. I do my best to not say anything. At first I pass it of as static electricity. She says she will show me to my villa. I say thank you and head off with her. I still have the better part of a million dollars worth of winnings on me. I have to make a big show about his. I have to make it look good. As we walk from the gaming floor I feel something in my head. It feels like this woman is trying to read my thoughts. I wait for her to open the door to the villa before I don't say more than just about how lucky I am. Once inside she closes the door and starts to show me around the villa. I stop her and take her hand. Who are you and why are you trying to get inside my head. She gives me a not-so-sly smile. I had to make the attempt to read your mind. We are being observed. I start to panic and pull away. Do you work for the casino in tracking our kind? This time she took my hand. Yes I do, but it's not what you're thinking. Before I could say another word, It's not like that. We already knew who you were. We have files going back 5 years. You have never tried to take us before. When I started to read you back at the table I could feel the panic in you as you kept winning. I know you were trying to give it back. I told the security manager in charge it was the real deal luck. Not one of us using a power. She took a seat and motioned for me to do the same. I know someone else was pushing it, not you! What I don't know is why? I was a loss for words. Could you find them, get a lock on them? I'm only telekinetic. I can't read minds and I could not feel what direction the push on the table was coming from. I do know it was huge! Someone really powerful. stronger than me. She thought about this for a moment. You're right I was so trying to read you I didn't get a lock on them either. Thats odd normally I find one of us pretty easy, Others? without really trying. She fell into thought. I could see this puzzled her. I asked the only thing I could think of, Why do you work for them? Don't you know you could be responsible for the death or murder of one of us? Halley took my question in stride. I do it not to hurt our kind, before you ask I do give up some of us. Only those who abuse our power and the system. Those that would use it to try and break the bank. They give us to much publicity and hurt all of us. People like you that come in and only take a little, I hide you from them. The room fell silent. I looked deep into her aquamarine eyes. For a moment I started to fall in. I know I was not trying to win. In fact the last couple of times I pushed it to loose, someone stopped me. They wanted me to win big. Maybe they wanted to see what would happen if one of us did win big. I hope I did the right thing by making a big deal, tipping, asking for a villa and setting up a party with lots of food, wine and stuff. She nodded her head yes. You did the right thing. I put the idea in you head for the room and party. It was the only way you could be safe.  I looked at her hard, I guess I should thank you. Can you come to the party? I don't have many friends and none of them are like us. With a smile she said she would love to come, but she would be coming with a friend, another one of our kind. In fact she could stack the party with a few more of us. I said please. I didn't really know anyone else like us. With a sad look on her face she said all that was about to change. Halley said she was getting off in a few hours and would be bringing friends. Don't worry about the rest of the casino crew. With me coming they wont be! I make them all nervous! Besides I can say I'm just keeping an eye on you. I was feeling a little better. I said I would call down for gifts for all the guests. She said that was a good idea. She said right now I had to keep up the appearance of a big dumb winner. I did ask the concierge to send up a woman for me. Will this be a problem? Halley started to laugh a bit, Well, sure why not. If need be one of us can erase her memory.  I lost the now growing smile on my face I said back, You can do that? We could just get her really drunk. Enough for her to pass out. Halley laughed and said, Well this is Vegas. With that we both stood up. I walked her to the door. Before I opened it I reached over and gave her a hug. Again I felt a little shock. This time I mentioned it. Did you feel that? Does that happen all the time for us? She looked at me, No, I have no idea why it happened. We can talk later. I should be going. They will want more info on you. I'll give them a good story. I handed her a 500 dollar chip. With that she walked out the door. I closed and locked it. Not that that would stop anyone but it made me feel better. I walked over to the window and looked out. I thought about the little shock from Halley. I think she might know more than she is telling me. This villa was on one of the top floors. The view was fantastic. I walked over to the bar to look for some cranberry juice. I found it next to a bottle of 50 year old Scotch. After a moment of looking around and after what had happened this day, I took the Scotch instead! I have never had any that old before. It was pure gold!

Chapter 3
The Party

No sooner than I had sat down there was a knock at my door. Cautiously I went to the door and looked through the peep hole. It was another bellhop with my bag from the smaller first room I checked into. I let him in. He asked if I wanted the bag in my bed room. I said sure. He knew where it was and went right to it. I thanked him and handed him a big tip. He looked at it and gave me a big thank you.  If there is anything you need just call! He shook my hand and left the room. I got on my phone and started to make calls for the party. I only have two people I know that lived in Nevada, they said they would be here in three hours. In all the commotion I never stopped to count just how much I really won. I took out all the chips and started to ad it all up. To my surprise it was more than I had thought. All together I still had 750,000 plus dollars. If someone was willing to get me picked up for being, what did Halley call us, the Others? Would they still be watching me. I tried to clear my mind. This was one thing Simone taught me. It would be a lot harder for anyone to pick up on me. I needed to get this to the safe. I called down and asked for someone from the cage and a guard to come up and take the chips. They could put it in an account for me. This would let the casino know the money for the party is in hand. Not to mention what ever I bought as gifts for it as well. The cage man and guard came up and got the chips. I told them the deposit some of it in the numbered accounts I gave them. They took all my info and gave me a receipt. With a casino card in hand I decided to hit the stores first. I needed some fine clothes, a new suit and all that went with it. I would not have the suit before the party. So I rented a tux. That they would have ready for me fast. I got an assortment of gifts for everyone. I spent a lot for them. I don't care. I have to make it out with as little problem as I can. All the time I was shopping I kept my eyes open. If the, whoever did this to me, was still in the casino and watching I wanted to be ready for them. I also wanted to know who would do this to one of their own. This made me think of Halley. I started to get mad. I stopped and took a couple of deep breaths. I had to keep my head clear. I took everything I had and went back to the villa. I ordered 12 baskets with wine, caviar, bread and fruit. I'll slip the gifts in the baskets. The Irish wool sweaters, well If they are not the right size the store will exchange them no problem. It was almost 7:00 pm. I needed a shower, I wanted the casino staff to really believe I was doing it right. Before this got going around 8:00, I wish I could take a nap. I'm really stressed. The shower was huge and they're so many shower heads I thought I was in a hardware store display. The water felt great. This was just what I needed to relax. I let the water spray me from all sides. I must have stood there for half an hour. I shut the water off and got out. I wrapped my self in this ultra soft Egyptian heavy cotton terry robe it even had a hood. It was warm from the towel heater. For a moment I let myself enjoy it. Maybe to much. The door bell rang and I jumped. I walked out of the bath salon and back into the main bed room to my surprise both suits and the tux were laid out on the bed for me. They must have let them selves in. This got the hair on my arms standing up and my mind went into overdrive and fear flooded my veins and chilled me to the bone. I let my guard down and realized just how easy it would be for someone to get to me. The doorbell rang again. I went to the door with a greater sense of cautiousness. As I did I had a feeling of calm I fraught it. I wanted to stay clear and use the adrenalin pumping in me. I looked through the peep hole. There was figure standing all in black with a very large round brim hat with a veil. It was a woman. She was standing with her hack to the door. I could see long red hair trailing down the back of her gown. With everything that has transpired today this was the last thing I wanted. Maybe I could just pay her for her time and say good bye. I shouted through the door, just a minute. I'll be right there. I heard a response, Okay was all she said. I ran back and got dressed as fast as I could. I came to the door and opened it. The woman turned around. I stood there dumbfounded she walked in and closed the door. She walked over and took off her hat and took a seat on the leather sofa. She gave me a smile and crossed her legs. The next words out of he mouth shook me to my very foundation. She almost dropped me to my knees, What the fuck are you doing? Don't you remember rule number one? Before me, in all her elegance was Simone. I know she wanted an explanation. I'm not going to ask how you knew about this. I would like to know how you got up here I planted the thought in you head. A redhead that looked like me!  Now I was mad as she said that, Why don't you take a look in my head and see for your self. Her response was clear and just as angered. The door bolted it self. The only and next thing she said was inside my head. This is gonna hurt.  The next thing I felt was pain like I had never felt before. I had fallen to the floor. Blood was pouring out of my nose. I tried to move, she was not just looking she was ripping into my thoughts. She wanted to know if I had been screwing up for the last 33 years. In an instant the pain vanished.. Simone dropped to her knees and helped me up. She said out loud, I'm sorry. Will, will you please forgive me? I didn't know. I got back up and on to the sofa. I grabbed a hand full of tissue and plugged my nose. If you knew I was here and what was going on why didn't you know the rest of it? I can see that this question shook her up. She shook her head no, I don't know. When Halley called me she did not give me much information. So much for mother daughter link. The sound of that was almost enough to send me back to the floor.  Halley is you daughter? Wait she can't be... mime, right? I mean ah. We? Right? Shes 34, do the math! I had her before I knew you. I never told you about her because I did not want you to know that much about me. Remember that lesson?  I do, thats why I have never been married and have almost no friends. You on the other hand... Simone took my hand, look things are very different now. We live in a new and frightening world. More people are actively hunting for all of us. I was still mad but, what she said made a lot of sense given todays goings on, Do you think what happened to me today was akin to beating the bushes looking to flush the pray? She did not hesitate in her response, Yes I do. And if it was you're in grave danger. We all are. I came here to find out and either kill you or save you. Well I'm guessing you have chosen the latter.  I wipe more blood from my nose. What should we do know. Have the party as planed, or make a run for it. Again she shook her head no, If you run now they will know. You, all of us will be on the run. We have the party, tomorrow you go back and try and loose again. This time both Halley and I will be there watching. This affects all of us. Who ever this is, they have to be stopped. I know she was telling the truth. I know what has to be done and I don't like it, I think I now know how the worm feels. So how do we play this? She thought about it for a moment. I'll play the hooker hanging around for more money. I'll stay by you side. I think this will be the best way. The less taking without words right now I think will be best. If this person is that strong they could block your ability. They might have someone of equal ability eavesdropping at any time. Tonight we play it straight. With lots of booze. Why the booze?  She looked at me rather incredulously. Alcohol helps to block the higher functions of the brain. The ones our kind use to do what we do. Through all this I was happy and sad to see Simone. Sad it has been so many years, but happy to see her and mad that there are so many thing I still need to learn. I have never really drank that much and thats one thing you never taught me. We looked at each other. We only spent a week together all those years ago. I never told her how I really felt about her. In that short time we were together, I fell in love with her. Now seeing her again after so many years. I don't know how I feel. I don't know how I'm supposed to feel. I got up and said I have to get changed. I was planing on the tux. I asked her what she thought. She said it would help to keep up the story. I went to change.

Chapter 4
8:30 pm

This was it. I was dressed and ready. I know both Simone, Halley and their, what, group? Would be here. There was a knock at the door. It was the food and wine. I have to say I'm was surprised at what came in. They even sent up help to serve it all. This I was not expecting. I was hoping this would not make things even more difficult. The answer to that question was going to show itself regardless of what I wanted at this point. Her we go.
Cart after cart of food and wine came in. Halley, her date and four friends came in. That made eight of us. I was glad for this. there was enough food to feed a small army. Simone gave Halley a quick wink. I tipped the staff that brought the food. I would take care of the lady carving and serving later. The wine steward would get a nice tip not to mention loaded. Halley looked at the carver with a disproving look. Simone looked at me and deliberately drained her glass of the 50 year old Scotch. She did not have to tell me twice. I grabbed the bottle and poured everyone in the room three fingers. I cleared my throat, May I have your attention! This night is to celebrate my incredibly good luck. Thank you!! I downed the glass and through into the fireplace. The rest of the group did the same. I even got the casino staff to drink. I thought to myself this was really good Scotch! A small chuckle came from the lady carving. Simone looked at me and licked her lips and asked for more Scotch. I poured another round into new glasses and passed them around. This time Halley made the toast, To a very lucky man! And very gracious host. She downed it and encouraged the rest to to the same. They did. I grabbed a bottle of port. 77 Fonseca this stuff is over $400 a bottle I ask the steward to pop the cork on it. This is my favorite port. He tries to pour me a glass. I stop him, what are you doing? That needs to breath for for a bit! He looks a bit odd and says Sorry sir I don't know what I was thinking. I knew in that moment this guy was not for real. I started to worry. Simone quickly came over and took my arm, Hey baby. You need some of what I got! She jiggled her boobs at me I smiled back at fake steward and said, Have some! He poured a glass and drank it down without even tasting it. Simone and I walked to the bed room. As we walked she looked over her shoulder and said, We'll be back! As she said this she grabbed my ass. Once in the bed room and with the door shut she gave a look that said she knew. I turned to her, That guy is a plant right? She gave me deep kiss. This took me by surprise. That guy has been trying to probe everyone in the room, it's very subtitle. He is very good and powerful. We will all need to drink a lot more. We need to try and get him drunk as well. I know they are both paying close attention to us right now. We have no choice. We are going to have to make love. We need to do this! they will know if we don't. Simone started to take off her clothes. Now I really felt odd. I hopped this feeling was being interpreted as my trepidation at being with a hooker. Simone picked up on it and said quickly, Go with that! This is something I had wanted to do with her again from the day that we met. However I did not want to do it this way. But here goes nothing. For the next hour we made love and we both made a lot of noise. I can only speak for my self but I felt a little weird. There was something not right about this. It was just in the back of my mind and I hopped no one, especially Simone could hear it.  When we were done we cleaned up and got dressed. She kissed me and said thank you. I was not sure for what. We walked out. The group was well oiled now including the staff. Halley and her partner Cindy looked at us with a forced smile. She knew it felt wrong to me I could see it in her eyes. I could see something else in her eyes. I hope thats only... I stopped before I let my self think any further. Just in case. The Steward guy had an odd look on his face. A look that said he heard something he should not have. I felt a rush of clarity and my head came to full attention. The doors to the villa locked the woman carving took off her chefs hat and held the carving knife in a menacing fashion. I saw this and I saw red. In my mind I rolled the knife blade up like a party favor. One of Halley's friends shot a blast of energy at the wine steward. He dropped over like a sack of potatoes. The carver now holding a mallet that was once a knife was next to fall. The room fell silent. Simone looked at me. Can you get the money out tonight. We all have to leave now. Halley I'm sorry but you will have to come with us. Everyone in this room will now be hunted. WAIT I can fix this.  Halley looks over to two of her friends, Jeff and Susanne, What do you mean you can fix this? Susanne looks at all of us, Jeff and I can move in time not far just about 90 minutes. If we all hold hands we might be able to take us back to the point we all walked in. Jenn, Halley's friend spoke up, You two can do that? Thats new.  Susanne and I have been working on it. But we have to hurry. If this works, nothing will have happened for the two spies. The rest of us will know what's happened. We can change the outcome.  I looked the both of them, Where were you two earlier today. We all made our way to the center of the room and clasped hands. Jeff and Susanne began chanting something. Suddenly there was a flash of light and a swirling wind around us. I found myself in the shower and the bell was ringing. I grabbed my robe and went to the door. I looked out and saw Simone. This time she was facing the door. I opened it. She walked in, Well that worked well enough. Now to figure out how to keep that from happening again. Come with me we can talk while I get dressed. Did you know any of us could do that?  She shook her head no, I had no idea, hang on. Turn around. Why whats wrong? I asked. Just turn around, I need to see you back.  I turned around and dropped the robe. There are no marks on you back. We have goon back to our bodies before any of this even took place. Maybe I can just pay them to leave. It's worth a shot.  Simone agreed with me. I could tell both our minds were ablaze with the ramifications of such power. I looked at her, How do you want to handle this if they won't leave. Can you wipe their minds? She shot back, I can't wipe the minds of anyone like us, only make suggestions. I'm not that strong.  in one way I was glad to hear this in another I was pissed. How about Halley? Simone replied she might. I said the last thing I could think of. And the last thing I wanted to do, Are we going to have to kill them? Simone turned whiter than I thought her perfect milk white skin could go, I hope not. I don't believe in killing.  This made me feel a little better hear. It did not change the fact that we might have to. Simone looked hard at me. We have to start drinking now. I'll call Halley and tell her to do the same with her friends. If we can't pay them off maybe we can, at least, mask our selves before they can get a lock. I told Simone to start now. I was going to run down to the cage and get 400k in cash. I'll tell them it's a gift for the happy couple getting married. That should make it a little easer and this way will have some cash to run with, at the end of the night. She went to the bar and grabbed the booze. Before you go I want you to drink a few shots. They might have someone in the cage that can either read minds or just sense when something is going on. I stopped in my tracks, What if I went to them and told them I want a job. What I did was my resume.  Simone did not hesitate in her response,  I have seen this before. They would take you to the middle of the desert, kill you and leave you body for the buzzards. Our only chance now is to get through this party and run. I guzzled the Scotch. It hit me fast. I said thank you and headed for the door. This was all so new to me. I have always been able to move thing with my mind. After I meet Simone I knew reading minds was possible. I never dreamed time travel was possible. Right now I wish I had more Scotch. I had to try and get a hold of my thoughts. The last thing I needed to was to be found out. I go the end of the hall and pushed the button for the elevator. The door opened and out came the food heading for for villa. I told them to go in and set up one of the guests was already there. I had one more present to get. This all took place in the time it took for them to got out and me to get in. I hoped the alcohol had mudded my thoughts enough. I would find out soon enough. I got to the cage and took it all. I had them send some of the money to my numbered account in the Caiman's I could access that from any where. I'm glad Simone taught me to never keep money all in one place. As I was leaving the cage with the cash I though I saw someone watching me. I could only hope it was casino security making sure I was safe. I went and got another bottle of Scotch. I made my way back up.  As I did I saw Halley, Cindy, Jeff and Susanne. I asked where the other two were. She said they would not be coming this time. We all got into the same elevator. I could feel Halley in my head I quickly told her what I was doing. I opened the Scotch and I took a long drink then handed her the bottle. She agreed and gulped some down she handed me a bottle of Scotch. I drank some more and passed it around. from one to another we all drank. Before the doors opened we had all but drained it. We all walked out smiling and laughing. This would look better as we walked into the villa. I got a thought in my head. It said call me Betty. I knew it was from Simone. From the quick glances I could tell I was not the only one to get this message. I took a breath and we all walked in. Things looked good. I was hoping the booze was working. I went over and grabbed a plate and filled it. I stuffed my mouth and washed it down with some really good wine. I put the plate down and tapped the now empty wine glass for attention. First I thanked everyone for coming on such short notice. I then said I had a gift for the happy newly engaged couple. I handed Jeff and Susanne envelopes stuffed with cash. I made a big show of it. I Grabbed a bottle of wine and took out a couple of hundred dollar chips. I gave it to the staff and told them we would call if we needed anything more. I could see a bit of hesitation in the eye of the carver I tossed her another fifty and showed her the door. With luck they all took the money and left. The door closed. As it did Jeff and Susanne raised there hands. The room fell silent. Time seemed to stand still. Simone came over and took my hand. Halley spoke up, We can speak freely now. Jeff and Susanne have slowed time. Nothing we think can be picked up now. If someone tries all they will hear is low noise like static. I let Simone's hand go. If you could do this why didn't you do I the first time around? Jeff spoke, The first time things had gone to far. It would not have worked. Now what are we going to do? Simone took the lead, I hate to say this but we have to run. This little charade will only go so far. Right now we have the advantage. If we leave now we can get a day or so head start. Halley I'm sorry. I know you have a good life here. Halley took it in stride. Cindy and I were getting tired of this place anyway mom.  I asked how long we could stay in this time bubble thing. Jeff said he and Susanne could hold it for an hour our so. An hour in our time that is, outside time was still running but at a much slower speed about 3% of ours. Great I though to myself. I'll have to reset my watch. I have never had a good grasp of time. I live with a timepiece of some kind, it's never out of reach. We sat and made plans. We would all have to leave together. Once outside we could split up. We made plans to meet up at the old dinner. Simone said it has been abandon for a few years now. Our best chance was to run as a group. It would be harder to get a lock with telepaths present and blocking the signals. I ask  if I would have to stay half drunk all the time? The group all chuckled. I'm telekinetic and pretty good! They all but blew me off. Now I'm really pissed. I levitated the water out of a pitcher and formed a perfect copy of the Mona Lisa. I even made little prisms in the water to give it the right color. I may not be a telepath but I'm very good at what I can do. The group looked at it with surprise. Halley spoke, I have never seen any one with that lever of control.  Simone looked on. I have know a few people with telekinetic ability but nothing like what you can do. I sent it in a stream to the sink without spilling a drop.  I can also part a large river if I want to. Now the room was a buzz with sound. I cleared my throat, Now you know why I was so worried when I could not loose. When do we leave? the group thought about I said. They all understood now. Jeff asked if we could all join hands. I can place a time bubble around each of us. It won't last long only about ten minutes. We can all make it out and the cameras will only see a slight blur.  Halley said they now have high speed cameras even in the hallways. 60 frames a second. Jeff smiled, All we will have to walk out at normal speed. They will not see us. This made me feel a bit better. Simone shook her head no, Can you jump a car with the lot of us to a new time? Susanne smiled. for some reason it's easer if we do it when moving, like in a moving car, train or a plane. This time Halley and Cindy got big grins Cindy laughed as she said, I have my pilots license. I shook my head, Do any of you ever talk to each other? This was not received well. They broke out in sound. I stopped everyone, We have to know what the other can do. It could mean our very lives. Simone suggested we share everything after we were out of the city. I had to agree. Right now we just needed to got out.

Chapter 5
On The Run

???? ??We talked for as long as it was safe. We could have Cindy fly us. Jeff and Susanne could make sure we had more than enough distance in the shortest amount of time. We would have to fly very low to stay off the radar. Now all we need is a plane. We all have liquor on our breaths I doubt any one would let us rent a plane at this point. As I was thinking this I heard Simone's voice in my head. ???As long as there are no telepaths at the airport I can have Halley tell them we are a bunch of Nuns and Priests going to the Vatican.??? I have to get used to this. Right now I was a bit unnerved with all of this. ???Okay, we have a exit strategy. A way to get as far as we can from here. Now all we need is a place to go, Halley said she has a small island in the Bahamas. We should ditch the plane in the Midwest or as far as it can get us. We can make our way from there. Jeff said he has a sail boat in New Orleans. It's a 4 state room 62 ft lagoon catamaran. I said it sounded good. I asked how much money we had to work with within the group. We went around the group. I was shocked at the amount. I thought I was doing good with what I had. I had the least of all of us. Now knowing that money was not going to be a problem I asked why did I need to take out so much? Cindy said all the money the group had was tied up it would take time to get to it. Without the cash hitting the ATM's would just be a way to trace us. I couldn't argue with that. I did say we should all eat before we left. ???Who knows when we will be able to eat like this again at least for a while.??? We all tucked in. I took all the wine that was not open. Susanne asked why I was taking it? I told her we could use it to trade or for cash if things were really bad. I hope neither would come to pass and I could just drink it. There was still a balance of money I was leaving behind. I hope the casino takes it and doesn't look for us. One by one we made our way down. House keeping would be here in the afternoon. I left them a couple of hundred as well. I was the last to leave. As I was leaving I felt odd. I was not afraid. In fact I had a feeling of exhilaration. The old life, one of never really doing anything was over. I would now have to trust my abilities far more than I ever have in the past. I was still worried about what would happen if we were caught. The thought of having my brain cut up was not a pleasant one. I wondered how we would all get along. What about the old feelings I had for Simone? I stopped myself from dwelling on things I have no control over. Only time would tell. We all got out of the hotel without the slightest incident. I was passing the fountains. I stopped for a moment to watch the dancing waters at night. They were really something to see.?? I set my bags down. I wondered if I would ever see them again. As I watched, Halley walked up to me. She stood beside me.?? I looked over and smiled at her. She smiled back and took my hand in hers. I didn't know what to say to her. I felt a warmth within her. I said thank you. She gave me a big smile. To my surprise she grabbed on of the bags. We turned and started to walk. We walked a block in silence. She pointed to am old car. We walked over to it. She tossed me the keys, ???You drive.??? I asked her where Cindy was. She said she was going to get a bag of clothes and the cash she had stashed in her apartment. She would be meeting us at the rendezvous. I asked Halley if she had any cash??? She said it was in the suitcase in the car. I was glad to here this. We got in and I started it up. ???What about the rest of the group, Won't a bunch of cars in the back of an old dinner raise suspicion???????? ???This is the only car that will be found. I just gave a guy 750 bucks for it. He also thinks a teenage boy got it to run away in.????? I had to smile at that. ???You think of everything!??? I told her. She reached and gave my leg a squeeze. I let it go as her just being concerned. We got off the strip and and headed out of town I asked her how far the diner was. It has been a lot of years. She tried to smile and said just keep driving. The road was dark and the headlights did not work so well. We were well out of town, The night sky was full of stars. I wish I could pull over and just look at them. To feel normal for a while. The road was quiet. I guess this back road was not used much any more. We drove in silence. From time to time I could here something in her head. I guessing she wanted me to hear it. There was concern for us all and a bit of fear. This is the first time she has had to run. She also let me hear that Simone had run more than a few times. Oddly this made me feel a bit better. At least we had someone that knew the ropes as it were.?? Halley and I got the old diner. Some of the front windows were broken and boarded up, the upstairs looked empty as well. I drove around back. They're no light on. Halley pulls a flashlight out of her purse as we get out of the car. It's bright. The light hurts my eyes a bit. I pull out a Swiss Army knife. It has a digital clock and a small flashlight in it. You got to love the Swiss. The night air was cold. It is the desert after all. Halley led the way up the stairs. It looked like we were the first ones to get here. The door was rusted shut. I told her I would open it. For a moment she almost gave me a look that said chauvinist. I gave her a little smile and opened it with my mind. The door folded in the middle and popped oped with a rending sound. It was dark inside. Her flashlight gave enough light to see the place had been trashed.?? The ravages of time and what looked like years of use by homeless made me a bit sick. In my mind I remembered every detail of the place as it was. A wave of sadness hit me. Halley must have been eavesdropping, she came over and put her arm around me. I asked her to please stay out of my head. She apologized to me. She said she was feeling it as well. She lived here for a time when she was a child. This time I felt a wave of sadness from her. I mentioned she did not have to share her feeling with me. At hearing this she suddenly pulled away from me. ???I didn't! I was feeling sad and you heard it from my head? You don't have any phy abilities do you???? I told her that I had none that I was aware of. She took another few of steps from me and held her arms out.?? She closed her eyes and started to chant something under her breath I could not understand. I kept my distance and kept silent. She stopped abruptly and turned my way, ???You, you were in my head! That's not supposed to happen!??? I did not know what to say to her. Instead I asked her to read my mind and find out what was going on. Again she closed her eyes and concentrated. This time her reading was not painless. In fact it was more than painful, it was excruciating. The room started to spin out of control. My knees buckled and I went crashing to the floor. All my memories, good and bad were now being sorted and watched. I felt more than naked in front of her. within those short moments she was in there, she saw and experienced everything there was to know about me.?? All the memories in my head both good and bad laid bare before her. I wanted to scream and the pain was becoming even more intolerable. Another second passed. Now I did scream. The last thing I saw was Simone shaking Halley. The room grew dark and I had a feeling of floating. A sudden rush of speed and I came crashing back to alertness. The lights of the room faded back into view. It felt like a marching band was keeping its own beat in my head. Halley and Simone helped me up from the floor. Simone looked pissed at her daughter and Halley had tears in her eyes. The once grand sofa now had a tattered sheet over it. Halley went to pull it back. Simone still had her arm around me. I'm not walking well. In fact I can't really stand without help. The best Simone can do is help me fall to the cleanest part of the sofa. I try and say something. The best I can do is mumble and drool. I start to twitch. my only thought is ???I'm going to die now??? This thought does not bother me. In fact as my eyes close again and the fog returns to conceal all sight and thoughts. I can hear the voice of a man. He is telling me I'm going to be okay. I strain to see what he looks like. I can only make out is someone shrouded in a white hood. I think to my self, ???If this is death he sure is a pleasant fellow.??????? I hear laughter coming from the shrouded figure. It's not malevolent in any way. In fact it comforts me. I try and say something but my eyes open Simone is on her knees in front of me. He finger tips are at my temples. The pain is slowly daring from me. As my eyes focus I can see Simone smiling, ???Welcome back! We almost lost you.??? I opened my mouth to speak. My mouth was still not working well. The best I could do was say ???Thanks??? and drool. Simone came into my head, ???I'm sorry for what Halley did. She had no right.??? I could only think my reply. ???I told her see could, I asked her to look in.??? Simone shaking her head turns to Halley who bursts out in tears. Jeff and Susanne walk in. Seeing me on the sofa just this side of dead, Halley crying and Simone looking very pissed.?? Jeff looked at Susanne, ???I don't think I want to know.??? She agreed. Susanne spoke up, ???We have to get out of here now. I have had the feeling that we have been being followed. I think I saw someone too.??? Simone went from pissed to boiling mad. Right now I don't care who she's ready to kill as long as it's not me. She, Simone, says she has a van outside. Jeff comes over to help me up. I'm more than a little glad for this. I can't feel my feet. I try and concentrate and lift myself off the ground. The best I can do is make my self lighter. We all make it to the van there are just enough places to sit with all the bags.?? The van starts, Simone puts it in gear and floors it. As we get out to the road and are picking up speed the building explodes. The blast takes out the back window of the van. We are all showered in glass. This is all to much for me. I pass out again. My eyes started to open, the sun has come up. I had no idea where I was. All I will say is it's warm. We could still be in Nevada. I guess I made some noise and I opened my eyes. Susanne took my hand, ???We're okay, Jeff is out trying to find something to eat.??? My mouth seemed to be working, ???Where are we???? As I said this my head pounded a bit. I rubbed my eyes. I could now see that Susanne had blood on her blouse. ???Who's blood???? She looked at me. ???The exploding glass from the van cut most of us. You were down it missed you. Nobody needed stitches.??? I didn't know what to say. I felt like this was all my fault. I should have been more careful.?? I sat up. I was in a bed. I guessing we were in a some cheep no-tell-motel. I start to get up and realize I'm naked. I stop. Halley laughs and walks out from the bathroom followed by Simone. They're both looking tired and worse for the trouble. Before I ask the obvious question I asked, ???What was the blast all about? Please tell me it was just a gas leak.??? The feeling from the room told me otherwise before anyone spoke up. I quickly caught myself.?? Simone started, ???I'm not sure what happened. I just had a feeling we had to get out of there, and fast. I was picking up on a mind. One very strong. It was no missile or drone attack.?? The building exploded from the power of one or more minds working in concert. I've only heard of this but never seen it.??? Both Halley and Susanne turned white at the words. ???I'm guessing this means we have government on us???? Before anything else could be said Jeff walks in with bags of burgers and chicken. As he walked in he stopped dead in his tracks and then said out loud, ???Oh shit! is that what happened???? He set the food on the table. I knew how bad it must be. Still I knew worrying about it wouldn't help. I got up and managed to keep the sheet around me. I went to the table and grabbed a burger and some fries. Every eye was on me as I took a seat and started to eat. They all just watched me. I looked up, ???I have to eat. You should all join me. We can talk about it while we all eat.??? This broke the ice cold fear in the room.?? There was more food than we needed. I guess we would be talking some of it with us. Thats a good idea. The less we have to stop the better. Before anyone could bring back up the worst case scenario. ???Now would someone please tell me what Halley did to me?????? The room went even more silent. If that were possible. Halley looked over at me, ???I was trying to discern if you were being used and in my zeal and haste and fear I all but rend your very soul asunder.??? This is all still new to me. Her choice of words gave me cause to think about what she said. I visibly shuddered and took another bite of the wonderful bacon, avocado, cheese burger. This action gave me another moment to process what she had said. In that bite I also contemplated the joy of the simple goodness of what I was eating and the very fact I was still alive to do so. In the absence of talking Simone still with her mouth full of food opened a link between us all, ???I don't know if we should be doing this. I don't know if they have people like us that can home in and track us from a distance. From now on we should not use our gifts without a real good reason. Can we all agree to this. Even with all our mouths full and chewing there came a resounding and muffled yes from one and all. I was still wrapped in the sheet. I took another bite and asked where my clothes were. Susanne pointed to the bath room. I was not about to ask how, or should I say who got them off of me. I took one last bite and got up. In the bathroom I found my bag of clothes. I got dressed. And returned to the table. ???Ware's Cindy???? the room fell silent yet again. Susanne said Cindy didn't make it. She trailed off sniffling. I was not about to ask how it happened. I got the feeling I did not want to know anyway. I did say I was sorry to Halley for her loss. She took it well. Better in fact than I would have if I had just lost my lover if that's what they were to each other. What ever she was feeling she was keeping a good lid on it. ???Not to sound impertinent but what are our plans now. Are we sill planing on heading to the boat???? Jeff put his hand up for a moment. He finished his bite and swallowed, ???We can still head for the boat but we have over a thousand miles to go. I'm not sure how were going to get there now.??? I pointed to the bag of money I had. ???We buy a car or van and we drive. We can hop a train. Come on people we have options.??? They all looked at me as if I were the burning bush. This is the last thing I wanted. I was hoping Simone would pop in with something. She didn't. I tried to change the subject, ???Okay, with the explosion of the building does anyone have an idea who is after us? Are they after just me? If that be the case would all the rest of you be safer if you got away from me???? The room burst out with opinions, wild theories and conjecture. Halley looked at her mother and the two of them stopped talking. Within seconds the room fell silent. Halley turned to me, ???Mom and I feel the best answer on who is after us is the casinos. Someone tried to kill us all. They got Cindy.????? A tear welled up in Halley's eye. I reached and put my hand on hers. She gave me a little nod of thanks. As she did I felt the same thing I had felt back in the villa. Again I tried to put it out of my mind before she or her mother could pick up on it. ???If the casino is after us do you know how long they will look???? I directed this question to Halley after all she worked there. I could see her thinking, ???They might not give up for a long time, a lot of money was taken not to mention they had a file on you. I left the same time you did, they might want me dead along with you. If they have figured out I have been complicit...????? We all could see and feel what she was now feeling. I know I sure did. ???Next question, where are we?????? Jeff said we're in Bullhead city. Right on the 68. I thought about this for a moment, ???Wait I got it. We get a car and take the 68 to 66 we take it until it runs aback into the 40. That should keep us off the grid for a while. What time is it any way???? Susanne took out her cell phone. I saw the phone and froze, ???Right now anyone with a cell phone drop it on the ground. A flurry of action happened. Simone started to jump on her phone. I told her to stop. I had a better idea. I gathered all the phones and went outside. It was a hot day. I took the first phone and held it up, closed my eyes and thought about the roof of the hotel I had the villa in, the phone went flying. I sent all the rest of the phones somewhere I knew about. This should keep the casinos from getting an old fashion GPS lock on us from the phones. If they haven't done so already. With all the phones now in 4 different location I said we should be leaving as soon as we could, just in case. This was agreed upon with haste. We packed and ate what was left. There was a cheep car dealer just down the road I said we should stop there. The back window of the van was blown out from the blast. I knew we would pay a lot more for no questions. I only hope the van was obtained in the same fashion as I was going to get the next one. The dealer was, shall I say, understanding. We got a used minivan I cringed at the only thing he had on the lot. It cost us $2500 more than sticker and we paid cash. We were back on the road. I told everyone to not use credit or debit cards. We had twenty times what we would need to get to the island. I know we all had hidden accounts under a dozen different names for each of us. At least I know Simone and Halley did. We would have to use them now. I had some money stashed in Florida. I'm hopping Halley has some there as well.?? I said that once we hit the 40 we should stay on it all the way to Oklahoma City. Then head straight down the 35 to the 20 then 45. This was a long was around for sure but... better safe than sorry.?? It was agreed. We hit the road. The first bit of driving we did was about 2.5?? hours long. We were coming into Flagstaff. I asked if anyone had assets here. Hally said Cindy had some here. I asked the group if they thought it was a good idea to stop. Susanne said we should at least make a potty stop. It was agreed we wold stop for fuel, a bathroom and munches. We stopped at one of the bigger stations. Jeff and I stayed outside to fill the van and keep watch. Simone and Susanne hit the bathroom. Halley went in to pay the bill. Within seconds she came out, eyes as wide as they could get. The closer she got the faster she moved. A few steps from the van she said in a loud voice, ???Start the van. We have to leave now!????? No sooner than she said it Simone and Susanne came running for the back of the station. I had only pumped a little over half a tank. I did as she said. I jumped in and started it up. As soon as Simone, Susanne and Jeff were all in. I hit the gas. ???Someone want to tell me what's going on???? Susanne reached in my head and filled me in. I floored it. ???How did they find us so fast???? I asked. Halley chocked back the tears as she said, ???Our faces are all over the news. They say we killed Cindy!??? Now we were really on the run. I'm guessing it was not just the casino that wanted us. I being the furthest one out of this new niche asked, ???Is this normal for the casino???? I asked hoping I was wrong. Halley through the tears said no. This had to be the government and they must want us bad. All bets were off now. It seams whoever was after us, they were pulling out all the stops. As if I didn't have a sick and sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach already. I guess Simone was running full tilt. She was a blank. Halley picked up on my feelings she tried to calm my racing mind. It was not just what was going on. I was feeling like my whole life was now over. Not that I ever had what would be called a normal life anyway. I have never been married and have never even had a real long term relationship. The words that Simone planted in my head all those years ago. A flash of hatred for her washed over me. Then I stated hating myself, for listening to her and for how I was born. That thought made a quick entrance into my thoughts. It vanished just as quickly as it came. I shot a glance at Simone. With an odd look on her face, I looked to Halley. Halley shook her head no. I didn't have to be physic to understand what had just transpired. I saw a dirt road up ahead I pilled off onto it and drove until I could no longer see the highway behind us. We were in a small valley. I pulled over. We all needed to regroup and try and come up with what to do next. We all got out of the van.
Chapter 6
Stand Or Run
Before I could say anything Halley began, she looked directly at me, ???I have no idea what just happened. One moment you, we were all feeling like we were trapped and angry. The next not!??? One by one we all agreed this was the feeling.?? More or less. Jeff said with a tone of defeat. ???If our faces are all over the news, then they probable know about the boat.??? Halley said she and Simone could reach into the minds of anyone we came in contact with, make them forget they saw us or make them think we are different people with different faces.?? This would work for the time being. Susanne said what I was thinking, ???We still need to disappear. We have to go someplace they will never think of looking for us. I don't think the island is going to work anymore. It maybe to high profile.??? As a group we thought about she said. Halley said the island might still work. It was not in any of her many names. She blushed a bit and told us that the island was in her real fathers mothers name. Simone gave her a little smile and just looked at her. I have no idea what was said between them but I did see a tear from Halley's eyes. Jeff shook his head no, ???They could know! I don't think we should chance it.??? Simone said without looking at him. ???I never told Halley who her father was. We were never married and only together for a month. She must have found him on her own.????? ???Okay we might have a place to go.?? The problem is going to be getting there without being seen. Simone asked me if I have flown using my telekinetic ability? I shook my head no, I had never thought about it. I have moved some pretty big things. I once moved a bus that had crashed. I did it from a distance so no one would know. With a little smile Simone closed her eyes and levitated I could tell she was using quite a bit of effort. She gently returned to the ground. We all watched in amazement. Simone said she has gone as far as 100 feet. Susanne applauded. I was not as happy to hear this. ???That was good! But if we are going to get anywhere we are going to need a lot more distance. I looked over to the van and picked it up. I had it circle the lot of us. As it was making the rounds around us I stated, ???I have never tried this while sitting in it. Shall we???? The group was stunned. I for once, since this whole thing started, felt better about myself. I looked at both Simone and Halley, ???Maybe it's because I can only do the one thing.??? I know I'm just trying to make them feel better. But I needed to say it for myself.?? I had the van come to a subtle landing without as much as a dirt cloud coming up from the tires. I ushered the group back in. Once we were all in Halley put her hand on my shoulder. I turned to look at her. She gave me a little smile. As she did I felt the same thing I had back in the villa. Again I dismissed it as fast as it came to mind. I tried to clear my mind. As I tried I saw myself and Halley... I did my best to drop it. I knew lifting the van with people in it would be no harder than doing it empty. No harder than pushing a little ball on the roulette wheel. Within seconds we were a hundred feet off the ground. I gave a little push and we moved with the speed of thought. In less than 10 seconds we had traveled three miles, I'm guessing. I set the van down with out a bump. It was as silent as the grave. I opened the door and got out. Jeff was the next to get out. He walked around to me and put his hand out. He started to laugh. As he did the three ladies got out and started to laugh. Halley stopped abruptly, ???That was incredible! Now I'm really worried.??? All eyes turned to her. Susanne looked at her quizzically and asked, ???What do you mean???? Halley shook her head slowly as she said, ???Richard couldn't stop the other telekinetic from controlling the ball on the table and we never found out who it was.??? I realized she was right. The sound of her words sent a chill down my spine. ???I saw Jeff and Susanne combine their abilities. Could that be what happened to me???? ???No there was only one other person pushing the ball that night. I would like to say I can always tell the direction that push is coming from. I couldn't get any sort of lock on whoever was doing it. That's what I told the floor manager.??? I wanted to give Halley a hug and say thank you for that much. I only said thank you. I asked more directly, ???Simone, can you and Halley combine your abilities???? Halley said that was easy, ???Mom and I have been doing it for years.??? Simone finished the thought, ???It should be easy for the both of us. But we have to stay close for it to work.??? Susanne asked if the plan to go to the island was still our best option. This was now a real question that needed to be talked about.?? Jeff asked about the God forsaken wilderness somewhere down south of the border. ???I have some money stashed in Puma Punku. You know the place in Bolivia.??? Well that would be out there. Simone said under her breath. The question of the island came back up. I said we should head to Wyoming. We can drop of the face of the world out there. Besides that would be the last place I think anyone would look for us.?? We talked it over until the sun went down. The night air started to get cold. We still could not make up our minds on what we should do. This was going to be harder than I hoped or wished for. We needed to do something for the night. We piled back in the van and made our way back to the main highway. Within minutes we were being pulled over. Time to see if Halley and Simone could take care of things. The cop got out of his car with his gun drawn. This was it. Simone took Halley's hand, the cop shook hard and his gun went off. He looked at it and strolled up to us. He looked right in the open drivers window. I am at the wheel feeling scared. ???Evening miss, the reason I pulled you over tonight is you have a tail light out. I'm going to let you go with a warning. But you need to get it fixed as soon as you can.??? I said thank you and he turned to leave. Susanna asked about the cameras. Everyone turned white. I concentrated. ???That should do it. I just burned out all the cameras and recorders. I just hope he hasn't called us in yet.????? Susanne said we need to dump this van as soon as we could.?? I could not agree more. I said out loud for the benefit of all, ???One other thing about being on an island. If we're attacked we have no where to run.????? One and all had to agree. We got back on the road. The van was quiet. None of us said a word as I drove.
Chapter 7
Picked off

A few miles down the the road I found a little motel. There was a diner attached. Only a few cars in the lot. It looks safe enough. We pulled in. Halley got out and said she would be right back. She was back in less than three minutes. She handed me a hand full of keys and told me to park around back. I did as she asked. As we were getting out of the van a shot rang out and Susanne head exploded right in front of us. The rest of her body fell to the ground. I stood there for a second trying to see what direction the shot came from. It was to dark, I couldn't tell the direction. Simone dropped me to the ground with a kick to the back of my knees. We had to get out of there and fast. Another shot came out of the dark. We all looked at each other. The reaming members of the group are still alive and we could not even tell who the shot was supposed to hit. Another shot rang out. The smell of gasoline came from the underside of the van. I strained to see. It was to dark I put my hand under the van and felt a growing pool of gas on the ground. ???We got to run they hit the gas tank.??? More shots come our way in rapid succession now. There is more than one person shooting at us. We had to do something. The blood ran from the headless body of Susanne. There was nothing anyone could now. I grabbed the hands of Simone and Halley. I said over the rapid shoots ???We have to make a run for it NOW!!??? The reaming ladies got up with me and we started to run. Jeff held the hand of what was left of Susanne and he chanted. I think he was trying to turn back time and save Susanne. Simone pulled at my hand. ???We can't help him he won't leave her.??? We ran ducking bullets. We made a dive behind a heavy metal trash bin. Shots began hitting the dumpster. An explosion rocked the building. The van had blown up. Halley now, really pissed stud up and with more force than I have ever felt pushed something in the direction of the gunfire. In an instant the gunfire became more furious than before, and then all was silent. Halley brushed herself off and looked at?? Simone and myself, ???You can get up now. There are all dead!??? Simone looked at her with fear in her eyes, ???What did you do???? Halley repeated her statement, ???They are all dead now. I had them all shoot each other.??? Simone looking at her daughter, ???You know you can't use your ability to kill people. It's out highest law!????? This is the first time I have heard about any ???law??? I did not want a to get into it with Simone right now, but it was as good a time as as any, ???You never told me about any ???law??? like that. What are you talking about? Tell me now. I have to know!??? Simone squared off in front of me. Halley stepped in between us. She said inside my and Simone's mind. ???Back off mother! I will handle this.??? Simone turned as bright red as the hair on her head with anger. But she took a step away. Halley was already in my head she continued in this way.?? ???The law my mother is talking about is an old one for phyics only. We are never to use our ability to cause death in another.??? She switched to speaking aloud. ???If I hadn't had them kill each other we would all be dead now mother! They wont be coming after us.??? The color started to drain from Simone's face. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly before she said anything. ???Halley that is not the point...??? Simone stopped herself. With a tear in her eye she agreed that it was only thing that could be done at that point. The sounds of Halley's words made me stop and think. ???We have to go to them and try and find out who they were and who sent them.??? Simone recoiled at the thought. I asked her what was wrong. She was very matter of fact in her response. ???Haley and I can't be there if they are still alive. If either one of us are in their minds when they die they could drag a piece of us with them. Thats the real reason we are not supposed to kill. We could loose a part of our selves.??? she turned her attention to her daughter, ???How did you get them to do it. Kill each other???? she reached and put her hand on Halley. ???I planted in their minds that the other shooters around them were us. Then I got out before the shooting started. I only knew it worked after the shooting stopped.??? Simone grabbed her and gave her a hug. ???That was risky to risky. I hope you, or I never have to do that, again.??? they embraced. As they did I asked if they could tell if all the people shooting and spotting were gone. And what of the inn keeper inside the motel. Simone and Halley started to scan. They found nothing. Halley said the guy in the motel was out cold before she walked out with the keys he would not be a problem. This was all good information but the big question still remained. How the hell did whoever know who we were and how have they been tracking and finding us? What of Jeff and Susanne? Why didn't Jeff run with us. Simone said we should get out of here. I had another idea. I said we should wait for the cops. Plant in their minds, ???We are not the droids they are looking for!??? hide out till we come up with our next move. We all needed some rest. As soon as the adrenalin wears off our energy will droop like a stone. This was a risky plan. It was agreed upon as we were starting to come down. Before we went to our rooms I asked Halley if she could work the memory on the manager and have him wake up and call it in. I said we all need to do it as well.?? Call the police that is. That would help keep our stories going. She did as I asked.?? We went to our rooms. We each had one. Fortunately they all had adjoining doors and for now the three of us opened them up and left them open. There was something in the back of my mind. I had to ask. ???I have to know. Why did Jeff stay with Susanne. Was he trying to turn back time???? Simone put out her hand out to Halley. They came over to me. Halley with a nod from her mother started, ???Jeff and Susanne were not lovers. They were brother and sister. Twins in fact. Their abilities were bound within the other.??? Simone took lead, as Halley could not say more about her friends, ???Neither of them could live without the other. Before you ask Halley and I are not linked like that. We can work with each other yes. But we are not linked in that way.??? This was a shock to me. I would have never have guessed. ???The more I learn the more I realize I don't know anything.??? As I said this I was feeling mad it Simone again, she could have told me more all those years ago. I guess she heard my thoughts, ???All those years ago I did not know what I do know. I did not tell you everything then and for that I'm sorry. There was not enough time then. I thought you would learn more from others like us. I can see when I told you to never tell anyone else you listened, you took it to the literal extreme. I may not have chosen the best words back then.??? Now I was really pissed off.?? I burst out with more anger than I guess I should have. ???I lived my life alone all these years...??? I had to get a grip on myself, put that away for now. I was in no position to second guess myself now. Those years are gone and I will never get them back. Halley put her hand out for me. ???I, we will not keep anything from you ever again.??? She had a tear in her eye as she said this. For some reason her tear put the fire out within me. With a nod I said we all needed to eat something.?? We were all hungry and needed the food energy, but that would have to wait. Sirens could be heard in the distance. We needed to be as scared as we could be. This would not be hard. With all that has happened I don't know how we are still functioning at this point. The police and fire department were rolling up. Simone said she and Halley would have to go outside. It would be the only way to implant the thoughts and memories in the cops and fireman. ???I guess we're going out!??? Before we hit the door I asked how we should know each other. Halley said we should be traveling to a convention for work. There was an insurance convention in Vegas next week. That seemed boring enough. With that we headed for the door.?? The cops and fire had started to knock on all the doors. We were just opening the door as they knocked.?? Halley and Simone went to work. The cops wanted to know what we heard. We all said we heard what sounded like gun fire and we hit the floor and waited. The cops said it was the right thing to do. In keeping with the story I ask the officer what happened. He told me a bunch of liquored up hunters got into a fight over a 8 point buck. ???Dumb shits shot each other.??? Simone said, ???Thats horrible!??? The cop just shook his head.?? Something odd. He never said a word about the bodies of Jeff and Susanne.?? Halley must have picked up on this she shot me a look and a thought. All she said was, I don't know. We all had to go with it. The question on our minds was what happened to them. Simone and Halley both whispered in my head. They did not do anything. A cop took our statements and walked away. As he was leaving he said we should stay in our rooms or go no further than the diner in the motel. We all said thank you and went back in. He turned and said as he walked away, ???You folks have a good night now.??? With the door closed we all looked at each other. Halley said, that is not what she planted in the heads of the cops. She looked over harshly at Simone, ???Did you change what I did. I thought we were working together!??? Simone said while shaking her head, ???I didn't do it. I thought you did.??? With that the room fell so quite you could have heard a pin drop. You could not even hear the sound of our breathing.?? We all thought about it for more than just a moment. I broke the silence, I could feel the question growing without being asked. I had to say what I'm guessing we were all thinking, ???If the two of you did not not plant the story we just heard. Who did???? Simone and Halley looked at each other and then to me. We were all hoping the other would have a answer.?? The answer to our collective question did not come. I looked at Halley and her mother, I wanted their opinion. ???Do you think it's a good idea to go to the diner. We might hear someone talking. The cops might be using the tables to write their reports.??? Simone did not comment she looked a little blank. Halley said it was a good idea to go and just listen. We might hear something useful.
Chapter 8
More Questions Than Answers

Before they left back to their rooms I sat down on the bed. I started to shake. My mind was a whirlwind of questions that seemed to have no answers. Who, what, where and this one was really nagging at me, Why!! Halley came and sat next to me, ???Richie, whoever it is out there doing this, he has to be on our side.??? I looked at her, ???You said he! Are you getting something???? Simone came over and sat with us. She looked at me, ???I don't know how but I feel a male presence. I don't know I might be just picking up Halley. I don't know if we should trust it. I don't trust it.??? I said out loud, ???I think we need to go eat now. We should keep our ears open. If there is someone out there. They must be pretty powerful if the both of you can't get anything.??? They both looked at me and gave me one of those ???Out of the mouths of babes looks.??? Halley shook her head, ???I think your right. I can't think straight. I need to eat. This has been a rough couple of days.??? I just looked at them, ???And we are nowhere close to being out of the woods!??? Simone nodded yes and we all got up and headed out the door. We would have to pass the van. Or what was left of it.?? This would not be an easy thing to do for any of us, but it might give us some info. As we turned the corner of the building we saw the van. It was all in one piece. In fact it looked better than we we got it. No sign of anything ever happened to it. There was no blood on the ground! There was no blood anywhere. I tried the key in the locked van. The door unlocked. In the back I could see our bags. Both ladies put their hands on the metal and glass to see if it were real. Simone said this can't be right??? Halley started to cry, ???The van is back, where are Jeff and Susanne? Could they still be alive? I shut the door and locked it. I took them both by the arms ???We can talk about this inside. Let's go, just?? in case this is a trap. I hurried them both to the diner. We got in and took a seat in the back where we could talk and watch. The waitress asked if we wanted some coffee. We all said sure. She poured three big cups and handed us menu's. As she was walking away she said politely that she would be right back. So far so good. This place had very good coffee and real cream on the table. I looked around the room and saw only a few people talking. Something odd, they were talking as if nothing had happened. I could see out the front glass wall of the diner from where I was sitting. The sun looked as if it were higher in the sky than it was when we walked in. I rubbed my eye and took a gulp of the coffee. For the first time in my life it tasted just liked it smelled. I shook my head and tried to clear it. I asked the ladies if they thought the coffee was any good. They both said it was the best they had ever tasted. As we looked at the coffee and each other I started to wonder. The waitress came back with plates of food and set them on the table. We were all stunned. Halley looked at her, ???There must be some mistake we haven't ordered yet! This cant be our food.??? The waitress just smiled at us, ???Enjoy??? She turned and walked away. We sat and looked at each other. This was wrong. Just as I was thinking this. Halley picked up a fork and knife and started eating like it was her idea in the first place.?? With a mouth full of food, ???Oh my God this is good. She took another bite. In fact it's the best I have ever had! ??? She swallowed, ???You have got to try this stuff??? A feeling of calm came over me and I started to eat as did Simone. From the very first bite I took I had to agree with Halley. This was the best I have ever tasted. We sat and ate what was hands down the best roast beef, hand made smashed cauliflower, potato and cabbage I have ever tasted. We each had something different. We all tried each other dishes. One after another was better than the first. This was the strangest place I have ever been in. a thought occurred to me. This could be all in my head. I took another bite. It was so good, I could not stop.?? We finished and sat back in the booth. For a while we seemed to forget the horror and death we had just gone through only a short time ago. Halley after wiping her mouth with the napkin.?? She got a look of horror on her face and suddenly with a sense of urgency, ???What happened to us. One moment we are running for our lives, the next we are eating the best food any of us have ever had. Sitting in a place that is quiet and peaceful...??? She stopped.?? I felt the same way nothing about this felt right about this. I looked at my watch it said 5:30 that had to be wrong. It was dark when the shooting started...?? something was wrong, It was all so nice, to nice... Simone looked at us with an odd look, like she was not really there. ???We have to make plans now. We can leave tomorrow. What about the van, Where are we headed???? I was on one end and Simone was on the other of the rounded booth. Halley was in the middle. She looked hard at her mom. She snapped her finger in front of Simones face. No reaction. She turned to me, ???I can't read her! It's like she's not in there.??? I could tell Halleys blood turned as cold as ice. So did mine. Halley grabbed my hand and held on like she was afraid of falling. As she did I was able to feel what she was feeling. It was like staring into an abyss. At this point I must disagree with Friedrich Nietzsche. There is nothing starring back. I felt the both of us beginning to slip away into the void. Is this what they said could happen if you were in the mind of someone dying? I was incapable of letting go. I had no control of any part of my body now. I was being drained of all feeling and life. I had to try and snap Halley out of it. She must let go now or I think we both will die. With my last bit of energy I screamed her name. Not out loud but inside my head. I saw her turn and look at me. She was coming back. I was still falling. The room spun and... I awoke slumped on the table. Halley had her hands around my head. It felt like she was pumping life itself back into me.?? I tried to sit up. I fell right back over. The lights came on again. This time I did not try and sit up as fast. I slowly sat up holding on for dear life, literally. It was just Halley and myself at the booth now. Simone was gone. I could see in her eyes I should not ask any question yet. I could see we were not going to die. Not right now anyway. I let it all go for now. I was still in real need. I was wishing for more of that coffee right now. Just as I thought this the waitress came and poured us two fresh cups. I looked in her eyes hoping to see a gimps of something that could tell me what the hell was going on.?? There was nothing. If I had the strength to move I would have run. Before I could say a word she whispered in my ear, not in my head, my ear. ???My mom is gone. I turned to help you. I turned right back and she was gone. Simone is gone and I can't feel her at all. I don't have any idea where we are or what this place is.??? To me it still looked like the diner, but not. It's as if the universe has been tipped ever so slightly to one side. Yes it all looked the same, but somehow it all looked fake at the same time. The table had been cleared. Someone had to have done it. Sun light poured through the windows... wait it was dark before we walked in. The feeling of dread and fear came rushing back into me. I found this somehow comforting. At least the feeling of dread and fear let me know I was still alive, I think, hope. My body was wracked with pain. Another sign I was still alive I guess. But where are we, really? Nothing had changed here no one even took notice that I had collapsed on the table. That Simone had gone. I have way to many questions. All I could do is hang on to Halley. She held me back just as confused as I. I looked at her as asked if we should try and run for it. She shook her head no.

Chapter 9
Out Of The Frying Pan and Into The Diner

I looked into Halleys eyes. I was looking for more than only her. I wanted to know if any of this was real or not. I was also looking for hope. What I say stopped me dead in my tracks. Her eyes thankfully revealed what I have been feeling in my head and in my heart. There before me was the love I have so long denied myself. The perfect woman for me. She knew who and what I am.?? How can this be real? I'm old enough to be her father. My head swam. How, why could I now see this and why was it happening now??? Halley kept her hands on my head for a bit longer. I was feeling much better now. She took he hands from me. She looked as if she were going to pass out. I caught her and put my arm around her. There was nothing on the table we were at. Not even the cups of coffee.?? I gestured for the waitress. She must have seen me, she looked right at me. I called out to her. She did not budge. I reached with my mind and a glass of water came gliding through the air into my hand. This, I know the waitress saw. It went right under her nose. She gave me a little smile and went into the kitchen. I held the water to Halleys lips. She drank with a bit spilling down her chin. I used the cuff of my shirt and wiped her mouth. Her eyes glazed over and her head slipped back she was out cold. I put her head on my shoulder and held on tight. A moment latter a man came out of the kitchen he was a dressed as the chef. He looked a bit rough around the edges. He smiled as he approached us. He took a seat without asking. I had had enough. I pointed my finger. I was going to telekineticly push him out. He laughed just a little as I tried.?? ???That will be enough Richard. You're among friends in this place.??? I looked at my hand I pulled another glass of water to me. It came without the slightest of hesitation. He placed his hand in Halleys hand. She woke up with a start. ???What happened? Where are we???? She held on to me. I did my best to calm her down. The chef just sat there with us for a moment. A feeling of safety came over me. I going to say it came over the both of us as Halley grip loosened. He finely spoke up.?? ???I suppose I should tell you what you are doing in my diner? Well it's like this. I have been watching you for some time. I see what the world wants to do with us, again. My efforts to change the mind set of this world has only had limited success. It's high time I intervene in a more profound manner. Once again I must try and change this world.??? He had our full attention now. With a smile he looked on us like a proud father. He must have been in the both of our heads. ???I know you have a thousand questions. I will answer them all. First let me say I'm truly sorry for the loss of you mother Halley. They had gotten to her before I could stop them. She was nothing more than a puppet from the time you left the gas station. They have learned to take over.??? Halley broke her silence, ???They who? Are you talking about the government???? The chef's mannerisms changed to one of disgust, ???Yes but not the government you know of. The real government of the world. The world I have been trying to reshape for the last eighteen thousand years.??? The both of us sat dumbfounded at the sound of his words. I know he must have known what I was going to ask but I asked it anyway.?? ???Are you God???? His response was swift and confusing. ???I have been called that from time to time. But I can assure you I am not one of the Gods. I'm just a bit older than you. I was born just as the both of you were born, to a woman. My birthday was some seventy five thousand years ago. On the floating city of Atlantis. You may call me historian, that is what I was called all those years ago. It was also my job there.??? I had to stop him as this point, ???What the hell are you saying? You think we're crazy? Who are you really???? The chef sat back and laughed. ???I can't tell you how many times I have heard that over the millenni. If I may would you allow me to show you the last few thousand years of the real history of this world.?? And how I have been working???? I shot a look at Halley. She went in my head and said she has been trying to probe his mind with no luck what so ever. He looked at the both of us, ???You can't get inside my head little girl because you are not as developed as I am. Please understand I mean no disrespect. The gifts you and Richard are presenting they are only the beginnings of the abilities, the powers, you would call them gifts, I have been born with, are far greater than either of you can imagine??? This sounded a bit ominous. Halley dropped the pretense of being in my mind, ???Since you can hear everything we are saying I guess we will just talk out loud.??? She turned to me, ???I don't think we could stop him if we wanted to. What ever he has to show us I say we let him I don't want to get hurt. Something tell me he could if he wanted to.??? I had to agree with her. I asked him if it would be painful. He just smiled and said only if I resisted, but we might want to hold on to each other. This was going to be a wild ride. We did as he asked. We both nodded and in an instant the real history of the world came pouring in. Wave after wave, centuries of information came flooding in. My and dare I say Halleys view of the history of the world was being rewritten. The truth of what he was giving us was undeniable. So many thing that were only rumors and conjecture and legend now came into crystal clear focus. I have no idea how long it took for him to brief us on the way things really are. From the shear volume it could have taken days, weeks or the blink of an eye. I was still holding on to Halley. We opened our eyes at the same time. The first thing I noticed was that the diner was now empty, not a soul in sight. Shadows being cast by the sun told that nothing had changed in time, I think. At least I can't see anything that looks like it has changed. Halley answered with the same observation. Our chef laughed, ???The seen never changes here. Right now you in a pocket universe. One of my making. Outside, if you will, is well you could not get out the door.?? The universe stops at the door. The rest is nothing more than 3d art. This is one of the only place I could take you to give you what I just gave you. The time it would have taken for you to assimilate that volume of information, outside of this place would have taken about a year. Here it took a year as well. The difference is I control time here. You have not aged even a day, an hour or a second. On the outside world time has stood still.??? Halley blurted out with tears in her eyes, ???I you can do that I can take my mom back in time and keep her from dying.??? A tear welled up the chefs' own eye as he said, ???Not even I can do that. We could take her back but it's to late, the person we would be taking back would be the woman from right now. She would still be this woman in that time. We would start another time line. But nothing would be different for her. She would still be gone. You know this to be true from you friends Jeff and Susanne. Your minds have all the future knowledge. Simones is already gone.??? He started to cry in Earnest. A wave a remorse and anger washed across and into us. It was as if he had lost one of his very own children. His grief was so much more than real it was profound.?? Halley and I could not hold back the tears. We both put our arms around him. Together we all cried and morned the loss. Within him I could feel the weight of the world. It felt like he was in the fight of his life and he was loosing it. The sadness and quiet rage from him towards the outside world was like a black pit. On one hand he loved and wanted to save it. The other...?? I gave a pull and got us back to just sitting down. There is a cold fire within our host. I tried to lighten the mood a bit, ???If we have been here a year with you down loading into us. I need to eat something. It has been a year right.??? This broke the darkness. It was just what we all needed. He told us to take our hands off the table. The table changed from one in a small diner to a huge heavy wood banquet table with a highly intricate tapestry depicting what I can only guess was Atlantis. No sooner did the table appear food of all verity started to appear. It started at the far end. A feast appeared out of nowhere. Rare roast beef, chicken, leg of lamb, shrimp, scallops, crab, roast red potatoes, broccoli, carrots of different colors, spinach salad, avocados, red and green grapes melons bread's butter, honey, cream and wine. Halley and my mouth just hung open. We turned to our host. ???How did you do all this???? came the question from Halley. ???As I said I'm a bit older than the both of you. You would call this magic. In my time we developed the ability to create what ever we needed with our minds. Food, clothes, buildings, what ever we desired. We just needed to think about it and there is would be. We could travel the same way. Any place we wanted to go. I was born with all these abilities. You two are just starting to come into them.??? Before we could say anything our host took a glass of wine and held it up. ???A toast. To your future! Glasses of wine came gliding through the air into our hands. We drank. Just as the food in the diner, this was the best wine I had ever had and I love a good glass of wine.?? Halley and I drank it down. The three of us filled our plates and began to eat. Again every bite better than the last. We ate in silence for a while. Halley and I are unaccustomed to such a feast. She broke the quiet by saying she had never seen a feast like this. Not even in Vegas. Our host smiled, ???I have a proposition for the both of you.??? We nodded our agreement to listen. ???There are many more like you, hiding from the world. Trying not to get picked up and used as pawns in this great struggle. I am offering you a chance to help me change the world before it's to late and our kind is used for experiment, war or exterminated. Lines are being drawn as we speak. I am not the only one from Atlantis to survive the great war we had there. I would like to say I was on the side of right and compassion. I can show you more to prove what I am saying. I can't change history after all.??? ???Are you saying the lives we had are over, forever???? Halley did not look up as I asked. I think she already knew the answer. With a slight tear he said yes. ???Where will we go? How will we live? We can't live in this, what did you call it, a pocket universe for ever, right???? For the first time I felt real panic from Halley. The historian must undoubtedly felt it too. ???Halley, you and Richard have found each other. Neither of you have to be alone anymore. Halley I can see that you love Richard. Richard I know you already know this but have been afraid to say it, you love her as well.??? Halley and I looked at each other in the eyes. ???I knew from the first time you touched me. I could feel it. Could you feel it too Halley???? She didn't say a word she just smiled. In her eyes I could see the love.
?????I would like it if the both of you could think of me as a good friend. Perhaps even a father. I promise you I will be both for you. After all it was some of my DNA that allowed you both to become what you are today. You two need to be together. As lovers and as a team. Your abilities complement you very well. In the upcoming future we all need to stick together. Before you ask I can not see the future. No one can, it's always in motion, I do know that events have been set in place to try and shape this world. One where great power such as mine is used to control and dominate instead of empower and enlighten.?? Together we can shape it so that our kind can live side by side with those that have not yet reconnected with what we are. Our yet undiscovered souls will have a warm and rich and harmonious life with all things???
I did not know what to say. This was a lot to take in. I looked at Halley she looked back at me. I could see the love in her eyes brighter and more clear than before. I smiled at her,
???Halley, I love you. I have since the day I met you. I was afraid to say anything for fear you would laugh at this guy old enough to be your father. I was so afraid that what I saw in you eyes was not real. Now I have no fear. Not any more.???
She gave me a big smile. A single tear spilled down her cheek. I grabbed and kissed her. I had wanted to do that since the day we met. Or should I say for a while now. We kissed and held each other as only those bound by fate and time and love can. As we reluctantly let the embrace go. The historian was patiently waiting for our answer.?? Halley and I looked into each others eyes. We could both feel the love. We turned to him. I shot a quick look at her. She gave me the nod. I turned back to him. He gave gave us both a wide warm smile and held out his arms open to us. He knew the answer before we could say it. He hugged us as a father welcoming home a lost child. He cried tears of joy.?? Pulling back a bit.?? ???Give me you hands please.??? As he said this he held out both of his hands. There was no turning back now, as if running for our lives, for the rest of our lives, was as real option. All that we thought we knew has changed. The world is so much bigger and more dangerous than even Halley thought. Inside my head I could hear him say, here we go. In an instant the seen changed. We were now standing a great hall. From the looks of the polished rock walls, floors and celling I might guess we are now in a cave. This hall was huge. The celling above us, was at least 40 feet. The nearest wall forty yards away. This place looks like it was made for hundreds of people to get together at once. Floor to celling lattice made of what looked like concrete. Our host told me. The reaction of the lattice to the air pulls out the carbon dioxide making the air fresh again. Something so simple and it works. He told us that as we come to know this place better we will find a lot of things do not rely on mechanical. We were not alone in the place, there were others like us. A lot of us.?? Halley and I were given an incredible room. Our food, clothes and all that we will ever need is within this vast network of caves in what we know now is Ireland. Our excursions and missions will all be well supported. As will the other sides I'm sure. We have learned one thing has not changed over the millennium. The want of domination, greed and utter dominion over another. As the days became months we meet a great deal of people. Some with abilities vastly different and some not. Halley and I find ourselves back in school of sorts. We are learning how we can better use our abilities, help guide and hopefully lead this world into a new day. It was now our job, along with the many others, to try and sway this world onto a path of peace. One with equality for every living soul. We'll be working on a plan that could take a hundred years to show positive results.?? As for now, we have a new home, safety and real sense of family. One filled with joy and laughter. Another thing is certain. The race of people Halley and I come from are not new to this world. In fact they are some of the very oldest. It is our hope, that someday, people like myself, Halley and numerous others can walk hand in hand in a new world. One of peace, love and acceptance of all people united as one. We shall see. Where we go from here, our kind that is, Well thats anybodies guess.